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Our Collaborator Programme was designed to give a voice to the next generation of music journalists. Just like with up and coming musicians, we believe that new writers should be given exposure and a chance to prove themselves to further shape their future - and so we welcome all writers, irregardless of location or experience. 

The aim of our collaborator programme is for writers of all shapes and sizes to showcase their work, strengthen their following, develop their skills and build their portfolio. 


Passion for music is at the heart of everything we do at Live A Little Louder and is the most important thing we looking for in our collaborators. Aside from this, you must be able to write to 

As for the content itself, we're open to any good ideas - be it reviews, interviews, music studies, song breakdowns, industry news, pop culture news - literally whatever you'd like to write about. All that matters to us is that it's well written and music related. 

We want to see originality and writing which comes from the heart - no matter what it's about or in which style it's written.