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Inbox Interviews: Vella (Alt Rock)

Four piece Alt Rock band Vella, armed with a bucket load of energy and passion, deliver a solid performance both on their recordings and when playing live.

We caught with the Alt Rock, hailing from Wales (Cardiff & Blackwood to be precise), to find out more about their time so far as a band, what to expect from one of their shows and what's next for this exciting young group...

So why the name Vella?

So Chris started the band nearly 2 years ago, and during the period of writing the first few songs he was desperate to find a really cool name that doesn’t just sound like a generic modern day band. So we really like one word names … and just saying random stuff on the sofa one day he said Vella and when he translated the word online it turned out to mean "nondescript sound" in Latin, which Chris thought was pretty cool, so the name just stuck.

In just one sentence, explain your sound…

We change a lot but I think on average we are New Age Rock / Indie Rock.

How did the band form?

So Chris started the band after coming out of his previous band of 5 years (The Attix), and his aim was to find similar age, like minded individuals who were willing to put everything they had into the project. Also have a similar taste in music because that always makes things easier. After trying out a few musicians, Blue’s name crops up through a drummer I was actually trying out.

So the drummer moved to the guitar and Blue came along to jam on drums. After just 2 minutes of being in the room and playing with him Chris was certain he was the one. Liam was then recommended through a good friend of ours, Ellie. When we tried him out he was sick, so he took the position of lead guitar.

Last but not least is Jake. After jamming as a three piece for a long time we had the odd bassist come along and jam with us but none of them really stood out to us. Chris popped a post out on a website looking for a bassist and that’s when Jake made contact. We jammed as a band and instantly created a really strong bond together, it was crazy.

What have been your best moments as a band so far?

One of our best moments as a band has got to be when we played a show in Belgium on our European Tour. We turned up to this mental looking venue on the outskirts of a main city and it was deserted. The first band played and nobody showed up. All of a sudden we came on as the headline act and hordes of people just piled into the venue ! It was one of the wildest gigs by far because the crowd over there was just wild!

What can we expect from a Vella live show?

You can expect a lot of energy, giggles, banter and a shit ton of good original songs we’ve worked really hard on!

If you could support any band/artist, who would it be and why?

It would be our dream to support a band like The Hunna because number one, they’re a huge influence in our writing as a band, and also their fan base would proper dig our stuff because it has traces of their style embodied in it.

The music industry can be incredibly difficult, especially for upcoming music artists - there is a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication needed to make it. What has your experience as an upcoming band been like so far, and how do you manage to balance ‘doing musician things’ with also running the business side?

Yes it can be very harsh indeed. Networking is essential! The more contacts you build up, i.e promoters, PR, production or even merchandise companies the better, because you’ve always got someone to guide you through or help you out with whatever needs to be done. We manage pretty well as a band, Chris does a lot of the songwriting ideas at home, Dylan and Liam take care of the social media side of things and Jake does a lot of searching for good gigs for us to play.

Who are 3 other bands/music artists that we should all go and check out?

Definitely Holding Absence because they are lovely lads and sound incredible. You should also check out a friend of ours band Catalysts because they’re so so tight and last but certainly not least … our butty Sean Smith (ex Blackout and of Sappenin Podcast) has a really sick band called Raiders so you should definitely check them out!! Some mega face melting riffs coming from them!

What’s next for Vella?

Just plenty of writing and demoing during the lockdown period, and as soon as we are free to roam the earth again … a shit ton of gigs x

You can listen to more from Vella by visiting their Spotify page! Find them elsewhere online on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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