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Top 20 Best Songs From The Year 2000!

2000 - what a year! Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston were married, Willow Smith was born & the trusty old Nokia 3310 went on sale.

The turn of the millennium saw a new record set for the UK's music industry with the most amount number one singles per year - a title still to this day unbeaten! Music sales across the nation were thriving.

We've lovingly scrolled through our record collections to put together a nostalgic look at our favourite 20 tracks from the year - presented below in no particular order. We'd like you to decide which one is the best! Continue reading to cast your vote in the comments below...

Before we begin, there are a couple of rules! The song must have been released (as a single) in 2000 and charted in the UK the same year.

Now that we've got that covered, strap in and prepare yourself as we embark together on a joyous trip together down memory lane to the turn of the millennium...

1) Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men

We're kick starting things off with this absolute gem. The song was actually originally written/released two years before in 1998 by Anslem Douglas and named"Doggie".

20 years later and we're all still wondering - so, just who did let the dogs out?

Next up, did someone say Rock show?

2) All The Small Things by Blink 182

American threesome Blink 182, known for their fast paced Pop Punk music and questionable yet nonetheless hilarious stage banter, were causing waves amongst the UK music scene in 2000.

Meanwhile, the Garage genre was becoming extremely popular amongst upcoming British artists and starting to dominate the charts...

3) Bodygroove by Architechs featuring Nay Nay

Instantly recognisable to Brits aged 20 - 35 within the first couple of seconds, this song certainly delivers them nostalgic feels!

Next up, a solid favourite for Mums, Grans and Louis Walsh's everywhere - Mr Ronan Keating!

4) Life Is A Rollercoaster by Ronan Keating

Fresh out of Boyzone, the Irish singer embarked on a successful solo further securing himself into the hearts of Pop fans across the world.

Here's a fun fact for you - did you know that the year 2000 happens to be exactly 1,000 years before Busted saw your great, great, great Granddaughter...heh heh heh...

5) Say My Name by Destiny's Child

Okay, okay - so any keen Beyonce fans out there may realise we broke the rules a little bit. Our bad!

The single was actually released in November 2019 but we're going to allow this one seeing as the song enjoyed it's success the following year, with the video premiering February 2000.

It was Destiny's Child's first single to feature the new line up, with former members LaTavia Roberson & LeToya Luckett claiming they found out they'd been replaced up watching the music video for Say My Name. Offftttt, that's gotta hurt, right?

6) Dancing In The Moonlight by Toploader

Guaranteed to have you singing/dancing along, this absolute corker of a tune was originally written by Sherman Kelly back in the 70's and recorded by French-American Rock band King Harvest. The track scored them a number 13 slot on Billboards Top 100 charts.

Fast forward 28 years to the year 2000 - English band Toploader's cover of the song became a worldwide hit, even reaching Multi Platinum status in the UK.

7) The Real Slim Shady by Eminem

Recent scientific studies have concluded that those who do not know/like this song have been living under a rock for the past 20 years. Yup.

Eminem's first number one in the UK, 'The Real Slim Shady', cemented the Rap God's place in the hearts of British people nationwide. The single, released one week before his third album 'The Marshall Mathers LP', became the 14th best selling song of the year in the UK.

8) Reach by S Club 7

Yes - we went there. I mean, how could this beautifully cringe-tastic reminder of a bygone era not bring a smile to your face?

With almost 124,000 sales in the first week alone, this song became a strong favourite amongst kids and cheesy pop lovers across the nation.

9) 7 Days by Craig David

British singer songwriter Craig David dominated the UK charts across 2000, following his feature on Artful Dodger's hugely successful track 'Re-Rewind' the previous year.

Craig later became one of the main caricatures in the popular television show by Leigh Francis (AKA Keith Lemon) called Bo' Selecta!. David later revealed that he wasn't a fan of the comedians tribute, stating it made people take him a lot less seriously.

Fast forward 20 years and all seems forgiven, though, with the singer even appearing on Leigh's current television show, Celebrity Juice.

10) Take A Look Around by Limp Bizkit

American rap rockers Limp Bizkit repurposed the classic Mission: Impossible theme by Lalo Schifrin into an upbeat cover for their album 'Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water' (what a name!).

Their version was of course used in the 2000 film Mission: Impossible featuring Tom Cruise.

11) Lady (Hear Me Tonight) by Modjo

Serving as the debut single for French House duo Modjo, this massive tune topped the charts in over 10 countries across the world.

Here's another fun fact for you from the year 2000. It was the year that video rental giants Blockbuster received an offer to buy a then fairly still unknown Netflix. The deal would've seen Blockbuster buy the streaming platform for a mere 50 million, however Blockbuster declined.

Netflix is now worth an total net income of over 1.86 billion US dollars in 2019. We bet that out there somewhere, somebody from Blockbuster is kicking themselves.

12) Rock DJ by Robbie Williams

The fourth best selling song of 2000, 'Rock DJ' was a Williams's third number one in the UK and his first in New Zealand, Argentina & Mexico.

Did you know that the song uses samples from both Barry White (It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me) and A Tribe Called Quest (Can I Kick It?). We didn't either!

13) Stan by Eminem featuring Dido

Another entry from Eminem, this is a rework of a song by hugely talented British singer songwriter Dido, who's vocals also provide the main hook.

Say what you want about Eminem, you surely cannot knock his ability to tell a story through the use of powerful visuals and thought provoking lyrics to match - working in harmony to make this particular rendition a true masterpiece!

14) Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude

Back to the old school Garage vibe now with Kisstory favourite.

The debut single by Sweet Female Attitude peaked at number 2 in the British charts and went on to receive platinum certification with at least over 600,000 sales/streams.

15) Spinning Around by Kylie Minogue

Having faced a string of bad reviews on her previous album, Minogue faced immense pressure on her seventh album, 'Light Years', which featured this now iconic Pop classic.

The Australian actress turned signer ended up winning the 2000 ARIA Music Award for Best Pop Release for 'Spinning Around', becoming a huge hit in the UK charts.

16) Sex Bomb by Tom Jones & Mousse T

I know it's not quite the right song, but it still feels a fitting time to insert a gif of Carlton from The Fresh Prince doing his famous dance to another of Tom Jones's hits, "It's Not Unusual".

This chart hit was a collaboration between Jones and German DJ/Producer, Mousse T.

17) Independent Women by Destiny's Child

Featured on the soundtrack for 2000 hit film 'Charlie's Angels', this feel hit became hugely successful in the UK charts and a classic girl power anthem.

Aside from charting worldwide, the song also won Worst Song at the 2001 Stinkers Bad Movie Awards...yeah, we're not quite sure we agree with that one!

18) A Little Bit Of Luck by Dj Luck & MC Neat

The first of three consecutive UK top 10 singles for the duo, this classic Garage tune has firmly solidified it's position in the hearts of Brits - as well as featuring on virtually every single Garage compilation CD ever to be made.

19) Beautiful Day by U2

Rated as one of best songs by Irish rockers U2, this blast from the past is sure to get you in the mood for cocktails and fun in the sun!

The song went on to win 3 Grammy awards the following year for Song of The Year, Record of The Year & Best Rock Performance.

20) I'm Outta Love by Anastacia

Becoming the most successful song of 2000 in Australia and New Zealand, this Pop banger became a huge charting success across the world.

And so concludes our Top 20 songs of 2000! And now it's up to you...

Which of the above songs was the best song of 2000? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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