The Neverly Boys Announce Debut Album 'Dark Side Of Everything'

Brand new arrival to the scene The Neverly Boys have released their long awaited debut album, Dark Side Of Everything, released on May 15th via Alchemy Recordings!

The LA based alternative/indie outfit is made up of groundbreaking artists/producers/songwriters Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio) and Swedish-born Daniel Ledinsky, who together offer up an enticing fusion of genres and a heartfelt message of humanity through the course of the eleven track album...

The Neverly Boys - Dark Side of Everything

The duo already boast a serious resume. As well as being known as a core member of TV On The Radio, Sitek is equally known as a producer for his work with a gallery of stars including (but not limited to) Beyonce & Jay-Z, Weezer and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Ledinsky is no stranger to the limelight either! In 2016 he went viral with his song 'DonaldTrumpMakesMeWannaSmokeCrack' (even performing a version with the cast of Broadway's Avenue Q!) and has done collaborations with a diverse range of artists including Carly Rae Jepsen, Tove Lo, Refused, and Cee Lo Green.

You can check out the music video for their single Never Come Down below...

With the announcement of Dark Side Of Everything, The Neverly Boys announced released the following statement:

THE NEVERLY BOYS know you are many things.

You are a pilot, flying on a giant rock through space.

You are an explorer, navigating the depths of modern living.

You are an animal seeking shelter from the blue flickering light of modern living.

If you can manage to cultivate stillness in the midst of the hustle, THE NEVERLY BOYS would like to present to you a human story. An honest story about finding your place in the world. With all of its glory and all of its drama, they seek to give a voice to the unknown, the magic, the heartbreaks and the aspirations. They hope you find comfort in their songs.

"Don’t let them tell you that you’re never gonna win. Don’t let them tell you the sun won’t rise again. In the end, every dog has its day. The master dies, eventually.” – From THE NEVERLY BOYS song, “Directors Cut.” 

Please listen to the album. It’s important. Now, more than ever.

Dark Side Of Everything is now available on major streaming services worldwide

You can listen to more of The Neverly Boys by visiting their Spotify page!

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