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Inbox Interview - The Baskervilles (Rock)

It's with great pleasure that we bring you todays Inbox Interview with 4 piece outfit, The Baskervilles!

The Ipswich (UK) based rockers have been going from strength to strength over the past years - shaping and spreading their contagiously agreeable sound far and wide, performing their energetically charged live show to audiences across the UK including at events such as Reading and Leeds Festival.

Combining a rich fusion of Rock and indie, their latest offering to the world is their self penned single 'Got Your Back' - released on 17th April 2020...

We caught up with the guys to find out more about the new record, influences and more...

Photo Credit: Jan Roberts Photography

So who performs what in the band?

James Betts – Vocals and Guitar

Aaron Lamb – Bass

Blair Ferguson – Drums

Callum Ferguson – Guitar and Keys

In one sentence, how would you describe your sound?

The Baskervilles are a band that deliver a stinging synopsis of love, life and hypocrisy, set to a blend of raw energy and rolling thunder.

How did The Baskervilles form?

The band came together from the remains of two previous bands, with Aaron and James coming from one band and Callum and Blair coming from another.

As a collective, who are some of your main musical influences?

Aaron - Between the four of us we have quite a wise taste in music - Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic, Metal, Hardcore...

So when it comes to writing there's always that exciting moment when we're all throwing ideas into the mix and it becomes this big melting pot of different sounds - the best bit is then sculpting those ideas into something cohesive.

Your latest single 'Got Your Back' was released on April 17th - what was the writing/inspiration process like?

Callum - We took a different approach to this song sonically, we stripped back the arrangement and made the most out of the core elements we had.

We made a conscious decision not to force guitars in if we didn't think they were needed, which is not something we had considered before, so the song ended up with a different sound to what we would maybe have gone for in the past.

What it did mean though was that we were really able to push the production on each element, which for us captured the impact we wanted the song to have.

What can we expect from a live performance from The Baskervilles?

Aaron - When it comes to recording we all love exciting and clever production, it's something we strive for in our own music and it's something we love hearing in other artists' music. We spend a lot of time working out how to bring that level of audio production to a live performance.

I personally hate the idea of a 'studio version' and a 'live version' of a song - so if there is a sound or an effect on our record, we're going to work really hard to figure out a way of bringing it to the stage.

If you could tour with any other artist or band - dead or alive - who would it be and why?

James - Based on a recent Netflix series I think it'd be Motley Crue. Preferably alive.

Who are three other up and coming artists that we should all look out for?

  1. Kid Kapichi

  2. Rubber Jaw

  3. Swimsuit Competition

What's next for The Baskervilles?

Aaron - I think the impact COVID is having on the live music scene means we're putting our main focus into digital at the moment. We're finishing up a new single in the studio later this month that we're all really buzzed about and we're now getting ready to film the video for it.

We make all our own videos so it's good that we can put all our efforts into releasing new music rather than sitting around and waiting for the live scene to kick off again. Don't get me wrong, we can't wait to get back out there - we played our last gig one week before lockdown started and it was a brilliant night with some other great artists on the bill as well.

Once venues are back open we'll be straight back out there, but until then it's writing, recording and filming.

And so concludes our interview with The Baskervilles. A huge thank you to the guys for giving us their time! We absolutely cannot wait to see what comes next for this oh so exciting British four piece...

Listen to more from The Baskervilles by visiting their Spotify page!

Connect with them elsewhere online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.

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