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Inbox Interviews: Tether (Post Hardcore)

Today's Inbox Interview puts the focus on Tether, a high-octane and high energy Post Hardcore band from London.

The 5 piece have been quick to start releasing music & gigging across the UK since forming - working hard to establish themselves within the scene, earning them an impressive and growing following along the way.

We dropped our list of questions into the inbox of vocalist Justin Jackson. Read on to see what he had to say on the band's beginnings, their future, their inspirations and more...

Photo Credit: Xvisua

Justin Jackson (Vocals), Kieran Harper (Guitar), Rob Parnell (Guitar/Vocals), Jack Haddon (Bass) and James Gallagher (Drums).

So why the name Tether?

The name Tether (which means to bound and restricted) came together when myself and Kieran were thinking of names that would represent our situation at the time, starting a new band (just having broke up from a previous band). Kieran thought of it and it stuck because it was reflective of previous experiences we had and wanted to put a positive spin on a negative scenario. Also introducing our slogan “Break Your Tether, Live Free” which is representative of not letting things or your past hold you back.

In just one sentence, explain your sound…

An energetic and positive assembly that outlines life and all of its struggles but has the willingness to look for optimism and push through.

How did the band form?

Well myself and Kieran, we’re always writing at the time but really wanted to start a band. We were talking to a few people previously but nothing landed. Jack responded to a message I put on Facebook. James and I had previously been jamming and I didn’t think to even ask him so when he said yes it was great.

We started rehearsing and then Rob, who was in a band that had played shows with my previous band, became a free agent. I had thought he was great in his previous band so it was the icing on cake. After not being able to get anyone for this project it all came together pretty quickly with the right connections.

What have been your best moments as a band so far?

We’ve had some great moments as a band. For us it’s been mainly the shows that have been the highlight. Touring, playing gigs and having people react to our songs is a great feeling. Our UK tour last year in November with MSRY was a great experience and really solidified us as a band. We also played alongside Hawthorne Heights at the Scala for Face Down club night which was the biggest show we have played in the year and a half that we’ve been a band.

What can we expect from a Tether live show?

Our live shows are explosive. It’s funny because people speak to us and think for the most part we are really chilled and relatively coherent individuals but when we hit the stage we let loose. Everyone in the band has their own thing going on. It’s great to watch back sometimes cause you’re so lost in the moment you don’t really realise what’s going on around you.

Photo Credit: Xvisua

If you could support any band/artist, who would it be and why?

I think we’d all be in agreement that we’d love to play with Every Time I Die, Stray From The Path, Deftones and also Letlive if they were a band again. All influences of ours as a band, and they match with a similar vibe and energy that we carry ourselves live. (Then obviously, Metallica.)

The music industry can be incredibly difficult, especially for upcoming music artists - there is a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication needed to make it. What has your experience as an upcoming band been like so far, and how do you manage to balance ‘doing band/musician things’ with also running the business side?

With this band I think we’ve taken a different angle at where we find enjoyment and also how we process business aspects and progression in what we are doing. We try to keep on top of content on our social media, making sure everything looks legitimate and professional. We try to issue ourselves jobs and are always thinking of ways we can better what we’re doing.

I think in terms of industry help when you feel as though you’ve hit the ceiling and you’ve pushed every avenue then that is when you should reach out. Being a band for the length of time that we have it hasn’t really reached the point we are at a loose end. There are so many things bands can do to help themselves until the point they have no resources. Having been in bands and all members previously being in touring bands before it has helped us with progressing in this one.

Photo Credit: Jessica Piochon

Who are 3 other bands/music artists that we should all go and check out?

There are so many bands I could list. In terms of our area within the scene and music, definitely check out Loathe, they’re really pushing a great sound at the moment. On a more local level check out MTXS, a really nice bunch of guys yet manage to carry some brutality in their live sets and in their music, and then a band called Black Coast, who we’ve played with a few times and have been on the grind touring and have a cool sound, great live performance too.

What’s next for Tether?

In terms of things that we have coming up. We will hopefully be releasing a couple of singles this year. Then towards the end of the year going into the studio to record an EP. Obviously with the Covid-19 situation we won’t know when next we will be able to tour but gigging, touring and playing live is what we will strive to do more of once everything is settled. It’s been the worst timing but we are just in our infancy of being a band.

Our future is what we make it.

You can listen to Tether's latest release TheWorldAsWeKnowIt on Spotify.

You can also find Tether across social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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