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SUNFLOWER (Soul Pop Rock) - Artist Discovery

The focus of todays Artist Discovery is firmly fixed on Soul Pop Rock band SUNFLOWER.

The group have crafted a fresh and distinguishable sound - impressively fusing together a variety of classic and alt rock styles with modern Indie/Pop twist.

Having already started to make big waves across the Australian music scene, the future looks incredibly bright for this Brisbane based five piece. The world is their easel and they're more than ready to paint...

Credit: Josette Althaus

Born in 2019, the band was formed by Kahlia Ferguson (vocals/keys/guitar) and Lawson Doyle (vocals/guitar) after meeting at Bluesfest 2019, as showcasing artists on the Delta Stage.

The pair instantly hit it off, sparking up a strong and unique musical connection. A few months worth of songwriting together later and their creative juices were in full collaborative swing...

It was soon time for Dan Ferguson (lead guitar), Willow Keith (bass) and Luke Woods (drums) to join the mix - each bringing their own distinctive dose of skilful expertise.

Credit: Josette Althaus

The recipe was finally ready, and this talented group of musicians sure did cook up quite the storm...

Their debut single, 'Better Days', was released on May 14th 2020 and offers an infectiously exciting glimpse at just what these musicians are capable of - with impressive songwriting, high quality production and committed performances by all.

“The whole sentiment of the song is about letting go of your baggage and believing things are getting better. It’s meant to make you feel human and alive.” - Lawson Doyle (vocals/guitar)

“There’s something about a hopeful song that connects deeper and while this year has been a strange and turbulent one so far, I still feel very hopeful for what the future still has in store. I’m excited to be releasing this song and can only hope it resonates with you as much as it does with us.” - Willow Keith (bass)

You can take a listen below...

Upon listening to 'Better Days', you are presented with a satisfying blend of rich guitar tones, a solidly tight rhythm section and anthemic, memorable vocal hooks - creating an excitingly feel good experience as a listener.

It sure did leave us wanting some more and we absolutely cannot wait to see what the future holds for this exhilarating Aussie Soul Pop Rock 5 piece...

Listen to more SUNFLOWER by visiting their Spotify page.

Connect with them elsewhere online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube or visit their Website.

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