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Slowly Slowly & Luca Brasi Team Up For Limited Edition 7" With New Acoustic Tracks Out Now

Australian rock bands Slowly Slowly and Luca Brasi have teamed up to record a limited edition split 7" release, with each band performing a new single.

Yesterday marked the official digital release for each band's new acoustic track, 'Slow Learner' by Slowly Slowly and 'Yossarian' by Luca Brasi

"Tyler and I had been sharing song ideas with each other, bored in iso," said Ben Stewart (Slowly Slowly) on the collaboration with longtime friend Tyler Richardson (Luca Brasi). "We are both so similar - it's so funny how you can take away our livelihoods and creative outlets, but we'll always find a way..."

"The idea just kept growing, right until the point we had teamed up with Padre to release a coffee blend called 'Godfather Brew', specific to my love of Italian Kitsch and Luca Brasi's origins as a name taken from The Godfather."

Tyler recalled how he and Ben had at one point planned to get matching tattoos, and how that experience spawned the concept for the artwork for this release.

"Ben and I were going to get matching tattoos years back, we ended up getting different ones, me the plunger, Ben the cafetera," he says. "Both tattoos were done by Jordy Hooper who then did the artwork for the front cover of the 7"."

On 'Yossarian', Tyler explained:

"I've been on and off writing songs about the novel Catch 22 for years. Start a dumb idea, then stop. Big dreams of a concept album... one day. But for now this tune is about Yossarian from the novel, and his outlook on life; as bleak or as sensible as you take it."

On 'Slow Learner', Ben said:

"This song was recorded in about 15 minutes in my bedroom at home. It's about giving from a place of emptiness and how it always ends badly. We added the cello by Eileen Sparks in the mixing process, just for a splash of colour."

'Slow Learner' and 'Yossarian' are out now, available to download and stream on all services.

Connect and listen to Slowly Slowly online:

Connect and listen to Luca Brasi online:

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