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Rhona Murphy - Photographer Showcase

Rhona Murphy is no stranger to the world of music photography, having shot consistently since 2016. By combining a strong love for music, a good eye and her own unique/identifying editing style - Rhona captures the spirit and pure excitement of live performances.

We caught up with Rhona to find out more...

Photograph from Foals singer Yannis Philippakis performing live by Rhona Murphy Photography

Foals - "this photos was from Truck Festival 2019 when Yannis jumped into the crowd. There were loads of pyrotechnics which meant that photographers were confined to a small space and kicked out of the photopit as quickly as possible. Amazing live band."

What made you want to be a photographer?

I love music. Can’t actually imagine life without it. Around 4 years ago I was going to a lot of gigs, mostly on my own as none of my friends shared my passion for music. At the same time I’d been given a second hand DSLR for my birthday and I had a light bulb moment when I thought I could combine music and photography and therefore not feel as self-conscious at a gig on my own. I could pretend I had a purpose there! The only problem was that it was my first camera and I had no idea how to use it! That was the start of a major learning-curve to learn enough about low-light photography to get decent photos. I’m still learning. Any photographer who says they know everything is lying!

What equipment could you not live without?

I use 2 NIKON D810 cameras and I’ve gradually acquired the lenses needed for small stages and festival stages. My very first lens was a f1.8 50mm and to this day it’s still my go-to lens. I also rely heavily on my f2.8 24-70mm lens. It’s nice to have a range of lenses but I do believe it’s not what you have but how you use it that makes the difference between average and super-cool images.

Apart from the cameras/lenses a high specification laptop is a must. Depending on which publication you shoot for it’s not unusual to have to send edited images before the band/artist has come off the stage.

Photo of The Sherlocks performing to a large crowd by Rhona Murphy Photography