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Introducing Plastic Glass (Indie Rock)

For fans of Catfish & The Bottlemen/The Verve

From playing together at school to releasing their first EP - Imogen Holland met with Indie Rock 4 piece Plastic Glass to speak about their experiences of being in a band so far and what they have planned for the future...

The Sunderland based band are taking the UK music scene by storm after releasing their debut EP and performing in large venues around England, gaining a strong and steady following along the way.

Having played together in different bands for a while, Dylan (lead guitar), Ben (bass & backing vocals) & Frazer (drums) met Lewis (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) whilst all playing a talent competition run by their local council.

After the competition, Lewis reached out to the boys - adding that it took a while for the rest of the band to add him into the mix: “After the competition I messaged these like to see if there was any bands (to join) but I swear, they said no at first and then two weeks later they said, yeah come and join us.”

2018 was a big year for Plastic Glass as their first single was released. Dylan spoke about how it felt for them to release their first ever single: “It’s a big mad really, just having things out there for the world to see was quite cool.”

Imogen then asked the guys more about the difference between their first single and their latest single, Ben said: “About £700! The people who we went down to see had load of experience, it was expensive but it was definitely worth it for the advice they gave us.”

Their first headliner gig at Pop Recs in 2018 was a highlight for Plastic Glass’ career to date, as Ben explained: “It was a co-headliner with Jarpsy. It sold out (80 people) in advance, it was class that we sold out our first gig". Ben added: “There was that one gig we did, another headliner gig at Independent...and we’ve done thinktank.”

Plastic Glass then released their first EP Broken Town on all major streaming services at the beginning of last year. The group recorded it over a 12-hour period, almost as it was live. Ben said: “It was good, but it was weird the way we recorded it, we pretty much did it live."

“This time we did one song in two days but back then we did five songs in under two days.”

Lewis added: “It was the first time for me in a recording studio anyways, so it was interesting.”

With influences ranging from Catfish & The Bottlemen to the The Verve, Plastic Glass are certainly a band worth adding to your radar!

Their latest single drops on the 10th April on Spotify and iTunes.

Stream Plastic Glass on Spotify or find them online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or their website.

Written by Imogen Holland

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