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Inbox Interviews: Mid November (Pop/R&B)

Nottingham based singer songwriter Mid November provides an extremely welcome addition to the worlds of Pop, Soul & R&B music.

Cutting his teeth on the UK's independent scene from a young age, his commitment to music and to God has given him the driving force to craft his own distinguishable sound and style.

We caught up with the young artist, real name Michael Newcombe, to find out more...

Photo of Nottingham Based Pop/R&B Singer Songwriter Mid November by Olivia Davy Hoffman
Credit: Olivia Davy Hoffman

So why the name Mid November?

Mid November represents a time in my life where I first started my journey as a solo artist. I had previously played in a band, and at the time of us splitting up I found it quite strange adapting back to ‘normal life’. Writing and singing has always been a way I love to express myself, so in ‘Mid November’ 2015, it was the first time I had really delved deeply into my personal story and journey, through the (mostly sad) music I began to make!

In just one sentence, explain your sound...

Chilled Pop bops led by soulful vocals holding lyrical weight!

You’d achieved some pretty awesome things as a music artist before even creating Mid does Mid November compare/differ to previous music projects?

Being in a band was awesome, and there’s so much camaraderie and fun that comes with being in a group, especially on tour. Creatively, the music in my band was a result of a mixture of influences: at the time I was really into Rap and Hip hop, Isaac our guitarist was into Rock, and my brother Daniel (drums) brought influences from Gospel and Pop.

We were all inspired by the theatrical ‘wow factor’ of arena shows, and although we never played an arena, this really spilled over into our set when performing. We loved to take small rooms and create a world of atmosphere, really entertain the crowd and take them to another place.

As a solo artist I have free reign on all creative fronts; the music, lyrics, artwork, videos are all in my hands! This is really liberating for me, as my music comes from such a personal place, I can tell my story and present myself in a way that feels right.

You recently released your latest single ‘All The Desires’. What was the writing/demo/recording process for this like?