Liquid State (Alt Rock/Post Hardcore) - Artist Discovery

It's with great pleasure that we bring you todays Artist Discovery featuring up and coming Bristol based four piece, Liquid State!

The group harmoniously merge a satisfying fusion of Alternative Rock & Post Hardcore to create a high octane, electrifyingly good sound - combining thick and meaty sounding instrumentation with an energetic, contagiously catchy lead vocal...

Liquid State blends the creative strengths of Keren Ashley (vocals), Kray Zellinger Mundy (guitar), Ben Bull (bass) and Harry Moffatt (drums) to create a distinguishable and impressive sound.

Their latest single, 'Face to Face', was released very recently on 12th June and certainly doesn't fail to deliver an epically enjoyable experience for the listener. Produced/mastered by Jonny Renshaw - the high quality track features a strong, committed and attitude driven performance by all.

Accompanying the song is a well made, fast paced music video, skilfully directed by Sam Kinsella. Check it out below...

Lead vocalist Keren Ashley gives a powerfully emotive performance - using catchy melodies and strong vocal hooks. Lead guitarist Kray Zellinger Mundy presents an array of captivatingly good riffs and phat chords - using a variety of satisfying tones along the way...

All the while, bassist Ben Bull and drummer Harry Moffatt tightly lock in with one another to provide a rich and full sounding rhythm section - the perfect backbone for this exhilaratingly entertaining band.

Having set and achieved a consistently high standard with their songwriting/production to date, the future looks very bright for this exciting up and coming four piece! We, for sure, cannot wait for more!

Listen to more from Liquid State by visiting their Spotify page!

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