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Introducing Jarpsy (Indie Rock)

Sunderland based Indie Rockers Jarpsy have managed to achieve a huge amount in their first year as a band. "The lovechild of the high-velocity, hard-hitting impact of mid-2000s indie rock and the stadium-filling choruses of timeless classic rock vibes".

With their brand new single 'For The Record' out this Friday 17th April (available for pre-save now!), Imogen Holland spoke to the group about their journey so far and all about playing at one of the North East's biggest music festivals, Hardwick Live...

Credit: Scarlet Kane (Blindface)

The group met each other at completely different parts of their life. Tom O’Donnel (bass guitarist and backing vocals) and Jack ‘Shorty’ Johnson (lead vocals and rhythm guitarist) have know each other since birth, then met Gay Keep (drummer) at primary school - before finally meeting Chris Macknight (lead guitarist and backing vocals) in secondary school.

Chris: “We were pretty tight mates long before any of us picked up an instrument".

"The other three were in different bands before this at school then I swooped in and saved the day.”

Jarpsy’s inspiration comes from a wide range of artists including The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Beatles. They also take some inspiration from old funk Japanese city music and dance music. Shorty said that it’s more about feeling for him: “I couldn’t give a shit if it doesn’t make sense musically its all about feel and if it feels right then its all good for me. We will have a jam and just fiddle about doing random stuff and songs just come together randomly.”

Credit: Scarlet Kane (Blindface)

Adding to this, Chris said: “That’s our kinda thing. We aren’t one of those bands that decide to write, for example a slow jam in E major, we play what sounds good. I look back over a jam that Shorty and Tom have had, and I just think that shouldn’t work musically speaking, but it just works.”

The bands debut EP, The Come-Up, was released at the end of 2018 and included 6 songs. Jarpsy saw it as a relief to have something out there for people to listen to. “It was difficult for us because we had no idea with it being our first release, how to promote it or anything like that. Looking back now if we could have done it again, we would have released a few singles instead of a full EP as they are much easier to market" said Chris.

Shorty added: “Just being able to write our own tunes and that and have something out there that was our own".

The group have play a multitude of gigs including headliner gigs at Independent in Sunderland and thinktank in Newcastle. They also played the well-known North East festival Hardwick Live.

Shorty commented: “There were probably about 50 or 60 people there just dotted around watching us. Then we got to the third song and there was a sea of people in front of us it was crazy there was probably about 600 people there.”

Chris added: “Buying chips with Sister Sledge, that is up there with the best experiences of my lifetime. It was such a step up from what we have been doing. We had a gig on the night after we played at Hardwick at Independent, it was just the step down between the two even though that’s the circuit we normally play".

Check out Jarpsy's latest single 'It'll Be Alright', filmed and edited by the band themselves, below...

Jarpsy are aiming high towards their future with hopes to have sell out tours across the world and at least two number one albums. Tom added: “I’m already planning my brit award speech".

We sure think they stand a fighting chance and cannot wait to see more of this impressive band!

The bands new tune 'For the Record' is out this Friday 17th April. Click here for the pre-save link!

Stream Jarpsy on Spotify or find them online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or their website.

Written by Imogen Holland

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