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Honeybadger (Grunge/Alt Rock/Indie) - Artist Discovery

The spotlight for todays Artist Discovery is firmly fixed on Brighton based three piece, Honeybadger!

Although aged only between 15-18 years old, the group have thrown themselves headfirst into the world of music - fusing together their own satisfyingly unique blend of Grunge, Alt Rock and Indie to paint a impressively wide landscape full of vibrancy and colour.

Basically - if you like high octane riffs, a phat sounding rhythmic section and energetically charged vocals, you'll love this band!

We decided to dig a little deeper into their journey so far, asking them a few questions along the way...

Honeybadger Band

Who are your musical influences?

"The White Stripes,  Nirvana,  Arctic Monkeys and QOTSA."

Hailing from Brighton, the band was formed back in 2016 by brothers Eddy (15) and Joe (18) with their friend and "brother from another mother", Luca (18).

Guitarist Eddy got his first 'axe' at the young age of just 6 years old and was instantly hooked. Another legendary riff wizard was born...

It didn't take long for the positive music vibes to travel through the air - inspiring older brother Joe to pick up a pair of stick and start learning the drums!

Honeybadger Band

Still young himself at just 11 years old, Joe begun to teach himself by thrashing it out on pots and pans - creatively learning his craft on whatever he could find his hands on (much to his parents delight, we're sure!).

Eventually, once proven as natural born beat maker, he was bought his first drum kit and the talented brothers continued to spent every free moment shaping their musical skills.

But every great rock band needs a kick ass bassist, I hear you say?

...enter the third part of the puzzle, Luca!

His father, a bassist himself, was a founding member of the new wave powerhouse 'The Vapors' - who had a UK top 10 with their 1980's hit 'Turning Japanese'. Having grown up within a musical family, creativity was pulsating through his veins from a very young age...

Growing up a huge fan of Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters, Luca decided to give the bass guitar a try...

...it was a match made in heaven and cemented the young musicians place in the world as a low end lover! Luca attended school with Joe and the topic of conversation quickly became music.

It wasn't long before Eddy, Joe and Luca got together for a jam and Honeybadger was born...

Honeybadger Band

Describe your sound in just one sentence…

"Original material designed to make you feel the raw energy and power of what music can bring to your life."

To date, the group have played at numerous live events across the UK - spreading their high octane vibes with an energetically charged show, much to the delight of their audiences. It's a hard life balancing studies with becoming a rockstar - but these guys seem to be ticking all of the boxes!

Now, having spent a few years developing their sound and style, the boys are ready to take Honeybadger to the next level - unleashing their potential to the world at large...

Marching into 2020 with a bang, the year has so far marked an incredibly exciting chapter in the talented young rockers careers to date, with the release of their debut single 'It's All There for You' followed by their latest offering, 'Top of the List', released on 24th June...

What makes you unique?

"In the music world of today we pride ourselves on the art of making music and not diluting our sound to pander to the masses."

With impressively meaty sounding production curtesy of talented producer Paul Winstanley, the well written song showcases just what these young musicians are capable of!

The head bopping track begins with a deliciously gritty sounding guitar riff, before opening out to reveal a solidly strong groove with the drums/bass tightly locking in - all layered with impressive attitudey vocal hooks throughout.

To date, the single has been streamed all across the world - including spins on many international radio stations. Very impressive indeed!

What can we expect from one of your live performances?

"A night of raw power that will shake your soul and take you on a ride to awaken your senses."

And so concludes todays Artist Discovery, featuring Brighton trio Honeybadger! The world is a very strange and uncertain place at the moment.

One thing for sure, though, is that these talented young musicians have a very promising future ahead...we absolutely cannot wait to watch it unfold!

We asked the Honeybadger boys to shout out 3 other up and coming artists...here are their picks!

1) SONS (Instagram)

2) Thieves By The Code (Instagram)

3) HIMALAYAS (Instagram)

You can listen to more Honeybadger on Spotify & Apple Music!

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