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Inbox Interviews: Giorgia-May (Neo-Soul, Jazz)

For fans of Corrine Bailey Rae, Lianne La Havas & Hiatus Kaiyote

By combining chilled out instrumentation, a beautiful vocal and well crafted lyrics, Brighton born singer/songwriter Giorgia-May is definitely an artist well worth your time!

Currently residing in Hastings, Giorgia-May (real name Giorgia Moran) is no stranger to the world of music, having had an online presence for over 6 years now. We recently caught up with her to find out more...

So why the name Giorgia-May?

Haha, I just think it sounds better than Giorgia Moran. May is my middle name. It's also nice to have a 'stage' name that is still personal to me, but I can separate it from my full name nonetheless. You know?

If you had to explain your sound in just one sentence, what would it be?

Sensual and jazzy soul tunes!

What do you play?

I play guitar and sing. I took a few drum and piano lessons when I was young but it never really stuck. However, I have literally just bought myself a Korg digital piano so I'll soon be back on the keys. I also like to pretend that one day I'll be rocking it as a drummer in an all-female band. One can only dream.

When did you start making music?

I think the actual songwriting journey began when I was about 10 years old. As soon as I started learning guitar it became a means of writing for me. I'd been singing for a little while before learning any instruments, just in like summer camp when you get up on stage and sing to backing tracks and stuff.

What have been your best moments as a musician so far?

That's such a loaded question, there's too many! My journey through music has been totally more than I ever anticipated when I first started playing. I always thought of music solely as a hobby when I was a lot younger, and thankfully I was encouraged to study it and take it a bit more seriously by an old music teacher of mine.

I used to always want to work with animals as my main career. Studying music at university was special because I worked with some truly amazing musicians. We created an EP together, played some awesome shows and we were sort of at a point of finding management and taking things a bit further when I kind of decided I wasn't ready for it all. I moved to Australia and that was really quite a transformative time for me. I lived out of my van for a large part of the year that I was there and performed on the streets to make money. I entered this busking competition and ended up scoring myself a place at Australia's biggest commercial festival Splendour In The Grass. That was pretty insane. I met some incredible musicians out there too, played some wicked shows and have some wonderful memories singing on the streets.

When I left Australia I moved to Vietnam and sort of just melted into this amazing music community. I collaborated with some really special souls and was performing gigs up to 6 times a week. I also ended up playing Vietnam's biggest arts festival Dao Xuan which was just totally crazy (I mean, Vietnam generally is). It all kinda feels like a bit of a dream looking back now. I've taken my little 3/4 sized acoustic with me to almost every country I've traveled to and have been fortunate enough to play a bunch of Sofar Sounds gigs around the globe which is also super cool. I'm so grateful for everything that has happened so far and I wouldn't change anything.

What can we expect from a Giorgia-May live show?

Haha I guess it depends where and when you come to see me. Right now I'm performing solo, until I'm settled somewhere enough to start a band again. I guess you can expect lots of nervous laughter, occasional talks about sex and womanhood (lol) and some genuine interactions about the truth behind my songs. Last gig I did I got my mum up on stage to sing with me, so there might be that too.

If you could support any band/artist, who would it be and why?

Oooft, too many. The first that springs to mind would be Jordan Rakei. I'm a big fan and I've followed him for a long time, I've loved watching him grow. We are actually facebook friends and have spoken a few times... so I'm hanging in there that there's hope to one day hahaha. Alice Phoebe Lou, I met her in Berlin after watching a phenomenal performance at The Funkhaus (which by the way is a dreamy venue and totally on my bucketlist) and I just fell even more in love with her. Others would be Lianne La Havas, Leon Bridges, Nai Palm, Jamie Isaac, Mac Ayres...

The music industry can be incredibly difficult, especially for upcoming music artists - what has your experience been like so far balancing ‘doing musician things’ with also running the business side?

Honestly, I'm still figuring it all out. I think I'm just trying to be as authentic as I can be. Wherever I am I try to book in lots of live performances, but I guess a lot of the time what people don't necessarily see with musicians is all the admin work behind it; trying to stay engaged online with social medias, creating content, sending endless amounts of emails... I don't mind doing all of that though, it's nice to feel I'm in charge of things, and it's not too overwhelming that I need help with it yet.

It's important for me to just try to keep things real. I've always been quite open about what my songs are about, and I want people to know that what they see is what they get, and I think people appreciate that. The two things that I really thrive with are music and travel. Freedom and creativity. I'm just striving to have that from my life and invite anybody to join the journey with me. I'm very open about my emotions and experiences and hope that someone, somewhere along the line, will resonate with what I've been/am going through.

Who are 3 other bands/music artists that we should all go and check out?

Besides the artists I've already mentioned... Hope Tala, Steven Bamidele & LAUSSE THE CAT. All reasonably underground artists who deserve more recognition.

What’s next for Giorgia-May?

I'm kind of asking myself the same question. I had a flight booked to move to Berlin. I have a few project ideas I want to start out there. But now things have been put on hold, so it's hard to think about the future. I can share though that I intend to start collaborating more, work with different musicians, form a band again, play a hella lot more live shows and hopefully release some new music. What's next for me I guess is to just keep growing and challenging myself!

Giorgia-May's latest release 'Woman' is available now on Spotify!

You can find Giorgia-May elsewhere online on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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