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First World Hunger (Alternative/Hip Hop/Metal) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery is all about exciting Scottish seven piece band, First World Hunger!

The high octane collective skilfully deliver massive sounding results packed full of live character and raw energy - their own uniquely distinguishable fusion of alt rock, hip hop and metal...

Hailing from both Glasgow & Falkirk (Scotland), First World Hunger is the result of years worth of creative collaboration - with the group having all been good friends for over a decade now, playing in various bands together over the years.

Just over a year before the current Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world, the band began regularly performing their energetically charged live show - further shaping their distinctively memorable sound whilst establishing a strong presence within the UK music scene.

Their latest single 'Strawberry Tiger' was released on 6th June 2020. Skilfully engineered and produced by the talented Travis Whalley at EFR Studios. The accompanying fast paced, well edited montage style music video was produced by the Scottish hip hop rockers themselves...

Fusing the strengths of seven extremely gifted individuals, the tightly locked unit are able to produce an epic, beefy sound - free from any deduction or compromise...

Guitar duties fall to Dave Hughes and Blair Stein. Together, the pair showcase their musical skills with an array of rich tones, tasty licks and thick sounding rhythm.

Adding further fire to the mix, Alan Costello (synths and samples) joins Matt Cassidy (bass) and Adam Hammond (drums and vocals) to provide a satisfyingly solid and dynamically strong rhythmic backbone.

Completing the line up is lead vocalists Colin Hughes and Brian Maloney, each bringing their own excitingly gritty and attitude driven spin - merging impressively penned lyrics, catchy hooks and head bopping flows.

Whilst listening to these Scottish powerhouse, you can't help but feel moved by the music - it makes you feel somewhat...alive, y'know?

We think it's awesome and cannot wait to see what the future holds for these talented seven musicians and their exhilaratingly original band...

Listen to more from First World Hunger by visiting their Spotify page!

Connect with them elsewhere online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.

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