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Inbox Interviews - Fast Car To Florence (Frenetic Alt Rock)

For fans of Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, The 1975

Fast Car To Florence are a Frenetic Alt Rock two piece hailing from Nottingham, UK. The duo combine a blend of Alt Rock & Indie instrumentation with big, catchy sounding vocal hooks to create an overall unique and anthemic like sound.

With their upcoming 'English Skin EP' out on May 8th 2020 (featuring the singles 'CRY' and 'English Skin' as well as an acoustic version of the latter), we caught up with the talented duo to find out more...

Photo of Nottingham Based Frenetic Alt Rock Band Fast Car To Florence by Sam Nahirny
Credit: Sam Nahirny

The band consists of seasoned musicians Isaac Anderson on guitar/vocals and Chris Barber on drums.

In just one sentence, explain Fast Car To Florence’s sound...

Loud, passionate, energetic and full of feeling.

In one paragraph each - who or what inspired you to become a musician?

Isaac – I started learning guitar at about 8 with encouragement from my dad – my whole family is really musical. I was always really excited by the idea of creating and performing ever since I was very little, and learning the guitar just took that to the next level – it opened the door into music being a platform to create and perform. The idea of being in a band fascinated me and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do since.

Chris - I was introduced to a few rock bands by a friend of mine in school around the age of 9... I think it was Nirvana’s Nevermind and System Of A Down that first made me want to learn to play the drums, especially Dave Grohl’s drumming! As soon as I started having lessons at 11 I became obsessed and haven’t stopped since.

You recently released a single ‘English Skin’, although the song has had quite a life already. What is the history of this song so far, what does it mean to you and why did you decide to record/release it now?

It’s a bit of a funny story with English Skin! It was one of the first songs we ever worked on together, and the very first that we ever released – we did a bit of a rushed job of it because we didn’t rate it as a song compared to others that we were working on, but ironically it ended up being people’s favourite in the years that followed its original release.

After we reintroduced ourselves with CRY in February, it made sense that a new version of English Skin should follow straight after – a version created and released with a bit more time and energy dedicated to it. The song is about feeling confused, a bit lost and slightly unsure about life – spookily, it’s inadvertently turned out to be a bit of a reflection on the current situation.