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Inbox Interviews - Elessar (Rock/Pop)

The focus of todays Inbox Interview is Gloucestershire based Rock/Pop band Elessar!

The three piece unit are no strangers to the UK's unsigned scene - known for their energy fueled live shows and charismatic personas - and indeed show no signs of allowing that to change any time soon!

We sent our list of questions over to vocalist and guitarist Ricky Powell. Read on to see what he had to say about the band's latest release, their most memorable moments and more...

Photo of Gloucestershire based Rock/Pop Band Elessar by Courtney Brock
Photo Credit: Courtney Brock

So why the name Elessar?

We get this one a lot! And for the movie nerds out there, you’ll know it’s a Lord of the Rings reference. We’re all big fans and back when we started the band we wanted to pick a simple name that we could all get behind.

In just one sentence, explain your sound...

High energy Rock with dance grooves, catchy hooks and big chorus’s. 

How did the band form?

We all grew up in the same local scene, supporting each other in different bands. Over time we started writing together and went from there! We all said from day one we would commit to the band and throw everything we could at it. So far the hard work is paying off!

You just released your latest single Is It Love on the 8th of May. Can you tell us more about the writing/recording process for the song?

We did! We write and record everything ourselves where we can. So last summer we locked ourselves in Alex’s studio and wrote a bunch of new tracks with a new sound. This was the last of them, and the whole song came together pretty easily!