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Drive-in Concerts, a new direction for live music?

With the pandemic, live music has now become a thing of the past. But artists and music professionals around the world are trying different ways to give artists the chance to still perform.

Imogen Holland spoke to drive-in cinema company, Pure Cinema Experience about what they have planned for pandemic proof entertainment...

A previous Pure Cinema Experience event (Credit: Luke Temple)

Artists and companies are finding new ways to keep their fans entertained during the pandemic with countries such as Lithuania, Denmark and Germany enjoying live music and films in the comfort and safety of their car.

Pure Cinema Experience are making plans for drive-in concerts, performances and films in the UK this summer and plan on starting in the South East of England and London.

The company are also looking into Virtual Reality experiences for those who are shielding at home or who can’t leave the house.


Credit: Luke Temple

Luke Temple, co-owner of Pure Cinema Experience, said that he wants to bring live music to people in a time when arenas and concert halls are closed: “We are hoping that there is going to be some crossover at our event."

“Yes, people are wanting to get out there but there are also going to be a lot of people who are going to be at home who aren’t going to be able to come out.”

Pure Cinema Experience have made the experience pandemic proof by making sure every car has a designated space with plenty of space between each car.

The company have also been in contact with local councils to make sure that they are putting the right safety measures in place. Artists and bands put on a show on stage at a safe distance so fans can still experience live music.

A previous Pure Cinema Experience event (Credit: Luke Temple)

It’s a new way to listen to music as we create the new normal for our future, Imogen asked Luke if this will keep the music industry going whilst most live concerts are cancelled: “I think people will always have a desire to see their favourite artists perform, they want to hear their famous songs and see them so they can fan over people they like."

“It keeps people in the for front and it gives the artist a chance to play back to their fans to say that we are still here and still giving you some respite from the craziness of this world.”

The drive-in cinema experience will begin in the South of England this summer with hopes to go nationwide.

Luke added: “We wanted to be the people that could provide live entertainment so people can get back to some sort of normality and I think this is a great bridge between the two.”

Find out more about Pure Cinema Experience, you can visit their Website, Facebook & Instagram.

Written by Imogen Holland

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