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Doppler (Folk) - Artist Discovery

The focus of todays Artist Discovery is Irish Folk singer songwriter, Doppler!

Joined by his talented long serving band members, Jamie Mulrooney (AKA Doppler) makes a refreshingly raw sound full of charm, character and authenticity.

Add into the mix Jamie's impressive lead vocal and things get very enjoyable indeed - a chilled out vibe offering more than it's fair share of feel good moments and memorable melodies...

Having already shared the stage with the likes of Gavin James, Neil Hannon, Cathy Davey, The Blizzards, The Saw Doctors, Jackie Beverly and even Bonehead (from Oasis) - Jamie has been going from strength to strength.

Aside from performing music, the Irish multi-instrumentalist is also responsible Ceili Ukulele - a Ukulele tutoring programme teaching 800 children a week in national schools for Music Generation. Very cool!

His latest single 'The Fight Is Gone' was released 27th April 2020. Originally written back in 2017, the pleasing track was recently re-produced and released - offering a solidly strong and agreeable sound.

A rich, skilfully played and well mixed blend of instruments tightly lock together to form a huge sounding backbone for the song - whilst Doppler's raw and passionate vocal provides a uniquely heartfelt and distinguishable texture to the mix...

Mulrooney explains that ‘A Memory’ was written to showcase “the struggle to stay positive. How memories can change over time and what you once thought was important can turn out to be insignificant when things change."

Accompanying the new release is an impressively made music video, filmed by award winning filmmaker Bill Moldt, based in LA.

Injecting a lot of time, love and effort into the project, Moldt delivers an entertaining video which takes the viewer for a winding spin in a 1950’s Cadillac through the artistically animated desert, before arriving at the drive in cinema! An extremely impressively made piece of video art to match an incredibly promising sound...

In a world of uncertainties, one thing is for sure...Jamie and his long serving band members Noel Gallagher, Kevin Holmes (The Kerbs) and Kevin Donnellan (The Third Rehearsal) are great at what they do and show no signs of slowing down any time soon...

We cannot wait to see what comes next!

Listen to more from Doppler by visiting their Spotify page!

Connect with them elsewhere online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.

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