Calico Street Riots (Folk Punk) - Artist Discovery

“There’s a moment at any festival, where you’ll stumble across one of the smaller stages, only to be rocking out in the middle of said tent within minutes, strangers throwing beer over one-another, and dancing like your life depended on it.“

Formed in 2008, Calico Street Riots consists of Dave Irving on lead guitar and vocals, Laura Felstead on violin, Nick Whiteoak on bass guitar, Nat South on accordion, Tage Wood on acoustic guitar and Dave Felstead on drums. The band closed out 2019 with the release of their new single Going Home, and have a string of dates around the UK lined up for 2020.

This is the ethos behind Calico Street Riots. With a sound that evokes such names as Flogging Molly, The Dreadnoughts and The Pogues, the Kent based folk punk group’s set inspires “almost chaotic levels of dancing and hollered singalongs, packed to bursting full of hooks, energy and infectious tunes.” - News from the Front Punkzine

We strongly recommend you check out their music video for Going Home below:

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