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Inbox Interviews: Buds. (Melodic Punk Rock)

Todays Inbox Interview brings you Melodic Punk Rockers, Buds.

Having already had the pleasure of the Basingstoke (UK) based band playing one of our first ever live events, we can certainly vouch for their enjoyable, energetically charged show!

With each member demonstrating a high level of musicianship and a dominating stage presence, the group showcases a tightly locked and satisfyingly huge sounding wall of noise - with a captivatingly memorable performance to match.

We caught up with the band to talk about their beginnings, their inspirations, how they've dealt with being in a band during the COVID-19 Pandemic and more...

Credit: Mike Ingram

So why the name Buds.?

Mates, beer, flowers, weed. what's not to like?

In just one sentence, explain your sound…

Sing along, fun punk songs.

What are your full names & who plays what?

Dan Wilson (guitar and vocals), Sonny Capper (guitar and vocals), Zoe Neil (bass and vocals) and Tom Drinkwater (drums).

How did the band form?

Tom played drums in a band with Dan and in a different band with Sonny which both happened to split around the same time. Dan had a bunch of songs raring to go that we reworked to have a vibe more suited to our sound. We were a three piece at the beginning under the name Almost Flowers for the latter half of 2018.

We got our first bassist in for the beginning of last year and a couple months in he went travelling. Dan and Zoe had been together since around the time we started gigging the previous year and we knew she played bass in bands before so we asked her and she said yes. It's been like that ever since!

Credit: Mike Ingram

Who, or what, inspires you?

(See question 1) our EP covers a whole range of topics like the internet, comparing yourself to others, being better to others and to yourself, boredom and of course.. lego!

Your self titled album was released in the latter part of 2019 - if you all had to pick a favourite track, what would it be and why?

(Dan) I think for me it's still Bigger Fish. it's the first song we released and I just love singing the middle 8 section, it's really cathartic still.

(Sonny) Progress because it hits hardest and gets people going at shows. (Tom) Progress because it's a bop and one of the first songs we wrote when putting the set together. (Zoe) Read the Room because its the most fun to play live.

What have been your best moments as a band so far? 

Probably our tour with H_ngm_n. we're super proud and grateful to have supported a handful of bands we really dig but we put that tour on ourselves and it was a way more successful run than we'd have anticipated. Plus as always with touring there are just so many great memories made.

How has the recent outbreak of Covid 19 affected the band?  

Well obviously gigging has unfortunately come to a halt. We were supposed to have played Teddy Rocks Festival and support Haggard Cat a while ago but they were postponed and continue to be postponed. But also this has thrown a spanner in the works with being able to jam together.

Credit: Joss Hurley

Luckily Dan and Tom live with each other and they put the bare bones of the songs together. The issue is that inspiration seems to have pretty much dried up.

That so much isn't a big issue because luckily we'd been sitting on a lot of songs so Dan has invested in some recording gear and teaching himself to make demos.

We've been pretty light on social media side of things bar a couple live streams we've done. A lot of bands have done a great job of still remaining visible without gigging being an option which is really impressive but it's been kind of nice to withdraw from that side and just work on things behind the scenes.

It's definitely reaffirmed our want to make and play though because despite the handful of positives we've found we'd quite happily trade them for being a playing and gigging band again. Also hanging out! So much of going to and playing shows is just hanging out!

The music industry can be an incredibly difficult place for up and coming musicians - what are some of the challenges you’ve faced so far?

Outside of the usual band stuff like getting your emails answered or trying to get picked for shows the main issues is trying to work it around everything you're doing. We all have jobs because we don't make any money that we don't just put back into the band so we loose a bunch of our time to that.

Luckily apart from major things like family events, birthdays, weddings etc music is pretty much the main thing we do whether it be the band or going to shows.

What can we expect from a Buds. live show?

A hell of a lot of breaking guitar strings, it seems to be Dan and Sonny's biggest curse. Sonny is usually rocking a fresh new injury which can range from a bruise to a full blown broken limb, High energy positive vibes and with any luck a bit of singing along depending on how much we've managed to move anyone to try and enjoy themselves by the end of the set.

Credit: Joss Hurley

If you could support any band/artist, who would it be and why? 

PUP or Turnstile. They just look like the most fun bands to see or play in these days. It would be so wicked to get crowds as active as theirs down the line.

Who are 3 other bands/music artists that we should all go and check out?

Go check out our pals in Arid Wave who dropped a new single recently, Treehouse who are dropping an EP real soon and Abandon Ship who dropped an EP earlier in the year.

What’s next for Buds.?  

Wait and plan. Eventually we are going to record our next EP but should the old format truly die away because of the way things are we will have to work out a new way of being a band.

And so concludes our interview with Buds.

A massive thank you to the lads & lady for their time - we absolutely cannot wait to see what comes next for this exhilaratingly energetic four piece as they craft the next chapter in their musical journey...

Listen to more Buds. by visiting their Spotify page.

Connect with them elsewhere online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.

Post cover photo by Mike Ingram

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