Post Rome (Alt Pop/Rock) - Artist Discovery

It's with great pleasure that we bring you todays Artist Discovery featuring Post Rome.

The Sunderland (UK) based trio make a big noise - blending together an upbeat and energetic fusion of Alt Pop, Indie & Rock to create an electrifyingly memorable sound.

Their latest offering to the world, the single 'Want To Believe', is out today!

Having grown up as good friends, each with a strong love of music, Jasper Watson (bass & vocals), Ben Goodfellow (guitar & vocals) and Jamie Martin (drums) formed the band in UK school year 6 (around 10 years of age) and were quick to start learning the skills of the trade - crafting out a strong and distinctive sound for themselves along the way.

The band hold a special place in our hearts here at Live A Little Louder, having been one of the first bands we featured when we launched our site on 1st April 2020!

Their new single, 'Want To Believe', came out today and certainly offers an exhilarating listening experience - a high energy performance from the young musicians, combining atmospherically pleasing guitars, a tight sounding rhythm section and melodious vocal hooks!

“Lyrically this song tackles quite a few personal issues whilst focussing on the main theme of feeling uncomfortable or overly comfortable in relationships.” - Jamie Martin (lyricist)

The North East rockers follow in the footsteps of previous Sunderland born bands The Futureheads, Field Music and Maximo Park - and the future looks incredibly bright indeed for this Alt Pop/Rock trio...

Listen to more from Post Rome by visiting their Spotify page.

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