Primes (Alternative Rock/Indie) - Artist Discovery

It's a pleasure to introduce you to todays Artist Discovery - Scottish three piece, Primes! Guaranteed to have your head bopping, this Indie Alt Rock powerhouse have skilfully crafted an enjoyably powerful wall of sound - merging together solidly strong, guitar driven instrumentation with well performed, melodiously catchy vocals... Hailing from the Scottish town of Falkirk, Primes fuses the creative strengths of Ollie Kitchen (vocals/bass), Sarah Monteith-Skelton (guitar) and Reece Ryan (drums). The groups sound can be defined as satisfyingly falling within the realms of the Indie, Alt Rock, Pop Punk and Pop genres - with the band stating a wide range of influential artists including Catfi

Inbox Interview: Giulia Tudisco

The spotlight of todays Inbox Interview is on firmly fixed on talented singer songwriter, Giulia Tudisco! Giulia harmoniously fusing together elements of Pop, Pop-Soul and R&B whilst adding her own, distinguishably enjoyable twist. Born in Rome in 1997, the Italian musician was quick to establish her love of music - shaping and styling her sound ever since. And now - 2020 - marks the most exciting chapter yet in Giulia's musical journey so far - with the announcement of a crowdfunding campaign to support her in making her highly anticipated upcoming album! We caught up with the lady herself to find out more... Please describe your sound in just one sentence... A multi-influenced indie folk s

Kickin' Lilies (Alt Rock/Indie) - Artist Discovery

It's with great pleasure to introduce you to North East rockers, Kickin' Lilies! With a high octane pulse of life running throughout their music, the energetically charged three piece deliver a strong and solid sound - combining a rich blend of tasty guitar lines, a phat sounding rhythm section and contagiously catchy, attitude driven vocals. The perfect subject indeed for todays Artist Discovery... Founded in late 2018, the band was formed as the creative collaboration of James Boak (vocals), Morgan Punton (guitar), Ethan Burford (guitar), Kyle Stoops (bass) and Cameron Henderson (drums). The talented musicians initially become good friends after meeting on the local gig scene - playing in

Sonny Winnebago (Acoustic/Folk Pop) - Artist Discovery

The spotlight for todays Artist Discovery is firmly focussed on Alternative Pop artist, Sonny Winnebago! Riding on a wave of refreshingly originality, the Welsh-Australian singer songwriter offers well crafted and satisfyingly chilled vibes - fusing together tight and tasteful instrumentation with an authentically raw and passionate vocal performance... Having grown up in Perth (Australia), Sonny Winnebago - real name Harvey Jones - moved to the UK as a teenager. With a strong passion for music, the singer songwriter quickly picked up his first guitar and formed a band with friends. For Harvey, his musical adventure had begun... He went on to study music production in Surrey, before moving t

Em George (Indie Folk) - Artist Discovery

It's an absolute pleasure to present todays Artist Discovery, Indie Folk singer songwriter Em George! Based in Sydney (Australia), the talented musician delivers a distinguishably unique and powerfully emotive sound which fuses together tightly locked, passion driven instrumentation with a melodiously strong and satisfyingly enjoyable lead vocal performance! With her latest EP 'Wolves' out today, the future looks bright indeed for this vibrantly exciting artist... Having been releasing music since 2014, the up and coming songwriter has been skilfully shaping her sound and style ever since - drawing from a wide range of influences including Leonard Cohen, Stevie Nicks, Lou Reed, The Beatles,

The Mechanical Ghosts (Indie Rock) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery features Indie Rock duo The Mechanical Ghosts! Bursting with explosive rhythms, rich textures and powerfully deep lyrics, their recently released EP satisfyingly bridges the gap between old-school and new - merging together both cinematic and upbeat 80s inspired, synth heavy vibes with catchy hooks and memorable melodies - bringing to the table an entrancingly new and exciting listening experience... The Mechanical Ghosts consists of long-time friends and former neighbours Phillip Killingsworth (vocals, bass, guitars, keys/synths) and Tyla-Joe Connett (drums, keyboards, guitar, bass). Still relatively new on the scene, the two piece formed when Phillip and Tyla began

The Manatees (Indie Pop/Alt Rock) - Artist Discovery

And for todays Artist Discovery *drum roll* - we present you Indie Pop outfit The Manatees! Hailing from the city of Southampton in South East England, this electrifyingly solid three piece make an impressive and exciting noise, fusing together the indie and alternative rock worlds - along with solidly strong, tight instrumentation and contagiously catchy vocal hooks - to create a very satisfying sound indeed... The Manatees fuses the creative skill sets of members Jay Harris (vocals and guitar), Tyler Bloor (lead guitar) and James Miller (bass). The group has been releasing music since 2018, further shaping their sound and style ever since. "We've been locked away writing the past couple of

Orlando Hotopf (Singer Songwriter) - Artist Discovery

The focus of todays Artist Discovery is firmly fixed on Orlando Hotopf! Having been writing and performing music for over 15 years, the talented singer songwriter recently launched his most exciting project yet - treading the ropes as a solo artist, with what seems like an incredibly exciting and promising future ahead... Music has been ruining through Orlando's veins since he was a youngster, having performed in various bands ever since the youthful age of just 13! To date, the gifted performer has toured/shared the stage with the likes of Ásgeir, Bombay Bicycle Club, Young The Giant and Grant Nicholas (Feeder) as well as well as extending out his creative juices to work as a session musici

The Desert (Indie) - Artist Discovery

Another day, another Artist Discovery and oh we've got a good'un today! Ladies and gentleman, the focus for today is firmly placed on exciting Indie/Alt outfit The Desert! The Bristol based four piece paint a very impressive picture indeed - creating a vast and electrifyingly alive sounding instrumental landscape, full of vibrant colours and tightly drawn rhythmic shapes mixed with an infectiously catchy lead vocal - comprised of tunefully beautiful melodies, powerful conviction and enjoyably memorable vocal hooks... The Desert fuses the creative strengths of Gina Leonard, Tom Fryer, Ryan Rogers and Jonny Parry. Having been releasing music since 2017, the group were quick to start defining t

Luna Keller (Singer Songwriter) - Artist Discovery

The spotlight for todays Artist Discovery is firmly focussed on 19 year old singer songwriter, Luna Keller! The talented Tenerife based musician brings a ray of sunshine to the music world - fusing together an array of musical and stylistic influences to create a vibrantly strong and memorable sound... Having grown up in a very musical family, Luna has had a passion for music running through her veins from a young age! Her Mum (pianist/singer) and Dad (guitarist/bassist/pianist) encouraged creativity throughout her childhood - joining the local choir and starting to beginning to explore playing different instruments at just the youthful age of 8. A few years later and Luna picked up a guitar

Zkeletonz (Post Pop) - Artist Discovery

The focus of todays Artist Discovery is firmly placed on Zkeletonz! Labelling it at is 'Post Pop', the dynamically talented three piece have penned a refreshingly unique and impressively distinguishable sound - combining elements of the Pop, Rock & Electronic genres... Zkeletonz merges the creative talents of Gav Venture (vocals/visuals), Will Taylor (guitars/keyboards) and Ed Trotsky (beats/bass). Originally hailing from the English cities of Coventry and Lichfield, the group are now based in Walthamstow (East London) - operating out of Fuzzbrain Studios. Fuelled by an impressively pure passion for what they do, the boys have to date played some truly awesome music venues/shows across the U

Antonia Radulescu (Pop/R&B/Soul) - Artist Discovery

The spotlight for todays Artist Discovery is firmly fixed on Antonia Radulescu! Hailing from Timisoara (Romania), the talented young musician adds her own twist to a vibrant fusion of Pop, R&B and Soul to create a distinctively upbeat, memorably catchy and commercially strong sound... Despite being only 15 years of age, Antonia is already well on her way to achieving her musical dreams having impressively composed and performed her first two songs at the age of just 12... The talented young singer songwriter was initially hooked on music whilst learning to play the piano as a young child. As the years past, Antonia added further strings to her bow - starting vocal lessons and teaching hersel

Pylon Heights (Alternative/Indie Rock) - Artist Discovery

The focus of todays Artist Discovery is firmly fixed on Alt/Indie Rockers, Pylon Heights! The group have been going from strength to strength spreading their satisfyingly enjoyable sound, culminating in their latest EP 'The Arizona EP' which dropped just yesterday (7th July)! Pylon Heights fuses the creative strengths of Jon Sandman and Chris Crowther. Established back in 2016, the pair began their collaborative connection in the wake of a few back-garden-based music festivals hosted close to home, the picturesque UK market town of March (Cambridgeshire). The two piece have been developing their sound and style ever since, to date releasing a few satisfyingly good singles and their recent EP

KOBARA Releases New Music Video For His Latest Single 'Your Heart Is Your Home'

Hailing from Kilkenny in Ireland, songwriter and producer Kobara has dropped a video for latest single 'Your Heart is Your Home' - taken from his recently released EP 'Five Lovely Poisons', released 5th June! Packed full of live character, the new record offers an promising glimpse of just what this up and coming artist is capable of - with strong instrumentation and powerfully raw, memorable lead vocals... The name Kobara is an acronym comprised of Keith O Brien (the real name behind the magic) and Related Arts. Whilst the solo project is an exciting new chapter in the talented musicians life, begun in 2019, Keith is certainly no stranger to the world of music... He grew up playing in punk

Perfectparachutepicture (Rock) - Artist Discovery

Todays spotlight is firmly on the excitingly high octane rock band, Perfectparchutepicture! Hailing from the UK's 'Steel City' (Sheffield), the talented duo present an energetically charged, attitude driven sound full of tightly locked, well crafted instrumentation and vibrantly dominant vocals. A perfect subject indeed for todays Artist Discovery... Formed back in 2013, Perfectparachutepicture is the creative lovechild of gifted musicians Kyle Ernest (lead vocals & drums) and Edward James (bass). Despite there only being two of them, the South Yorkshire based rockers have successfully established a solidly strong musical connection to create their extremely huge sound - thick and full of ra

ADALIA (Alt Rock/Pop Punk) - Artist Discovery

The spotlight for todays Artist Discovery is firmly fixed on Brighton based trio ADALIA! Fusing elements of Alt Rock and Pop Punk, the up and coming band combine an energetically charged melting pot of influences and styles ranging from classic punk and mainstream pop to eighties hair metal and emo piano ballads... A talented bunch indeed, ADALIA merges the creatives strengths of Corey Plant (lead vocals & acoustic guitar), Sam Cotton (lead guitar & backing vocals) and Jordan Hart (drums). Releasing their debut album 'Stray Hearts' in 2018, ADALIA got off to a strong start, embracing the DIY lifestyle and performing around London and the South East, in addition to organising and promoting th

Sophie Mahon (New Wave/Art Rock) - Artist Discovery

The spotlight for todays Artist Discovery...*drum roll*...it's New Wave/Art Rock artist Sophie Mahon! The talented Suffolk (UK) based musician has been making huge waves across the UK music scene with her distinctively pleasing sound and style... Hailing from the quaint and picturesque English town of Stowmarket, the talented musician was a relative late comer to the world of music - picking up a guitar for the first time at age 18. She had been on course to follow in her parents footsteps, joining the Royal Navy. Six months into her training Sophie made the decision to leave the Royal Navy, feeling that life was simply too short to not be doing what you enjoy. Keen to make sure this decisio

Doppler (Folk) - Artist Discovery

The focus of todays Artist Discovery is Irish Folk singer songwriter, Doppler! Joined by his talented long serving band members, Jamie Mulrooney (AKA Doppler) makes a refreshingly raw sound full of charm, character and authenticity. Add into the mix Jamie's impressive lead vocal and things get very enjoyable indeed - a chilled out vibe offering more than it's fair share of feel good moments and memorable melodies... Having already shared the stage with the likes of Gavin James, Neil Hannon, Cathy Davey, The Blizzards, The Saw Doctors, Jackie Beverly and even Bonehead (from Oasis) - Jamie has been going from strength to strength. Aside from performing music, the Irish multi-instrumentalist is