UP THE BUG (Party Rock/Ska) - Artist Discovery

It's a pleasure to introduce to you all todays Artist Discovery, Party Rock/Ska four piece UP THE BUG! The Bristol based band have created an enjoyably upbeat and distinguishable sound for themselves - delivering an energetic performance fusing elements of rock and ska. Keen to spread positive vibes and an optimistic message, these up and coming musicians show no signs of slowing down any time soon... Formed only at the beginning of 2019, UP THE BUG have already achieved an awful lot on their journey so far. Having played their first BBC radio session within a month of forming (leading to a later residency slot), the band went on to perform at Hempiness Music Festival in Italy and hit the ro

Polybius (Heavy/Alt Rock/Metal) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery finds its focus on Heavy Rock four piece, Polybius! The band serve up hard riffs, tight rhythms, powerful vocals and seemingly unlimited energy that is sure to become a firm favourite of anyone who likes to head bang until their neck hurts... 2019 was a great year for Polybius, seeing numerous sold out headline shows around Liverpool and performances at the legendary Cavern Club as the band quickly gained recognition on the underground scene! The start of this year proved no different as the band continued to build on their momentum with another sold out show and national radio play for their latest single Who Watches The Watchmen, released on the 8th of May... The ba

Inbox Interviews: Animal Breakdown (Indie Rock)

For fans of The Replacements, The Cure & Ash It's with great pleasure that we present todays Inbox Interview, with the awesome Indie Rock three piece, Animal Breakdown. We booked the band for one of our live events (remember when real gigs were a thing?) back in February 2020 and were blown away by their harmoniously huge sound! With their exhilarating latest single 'Night Garden' just recently released on 26th May, we caught up with the East London rockers to find out more about their journey so far... The band is made up of Martin Lynch (guitars & lead vocals), Marco Nikic (drums & backing vocals) and Josef Mitchell (bass & backing vocals). So why the name Animal Breakdown? Martin: We went

Cosmic Ninja (Rock Pop Electronic Ravers) - Artist Discovery

It's a pleasure to introduce to you todays Artist Discovery, Bristol based four piece Cosmic Ninja! The talented musicians harmoniously fuse elements of Rock, Pop & Electronic - blending thick sounding riffs with attitude driven synths and catchy vocal hooks - to create their own enjoyably distinguishable sound... "For fans of Enter Shikari, Don Broco, Prvis, Paramore, Pendulum, Twenty OnePilots and the LGBTQ+ community" The South West based band exploded onto the UK music scene with the debut EP produced by the very talented Jayce Lewis (Fear factory, Gary Numan, Brian May) at the beautifully idyllic Northstone Studios in Bridgend, South Wales. To date, the group have showcased their energe

You Over Me (Pop Punk) - Artist Discovery

The spotlight for todays Artist Discovery is firmly on female fronted Pop Punk four piece, You Over Me! This London based band fuse together an excitingly nostalgic '00s Pop Punk sound with a more modern Rock twist - blending melodious riffs, a tight rhythmic section and catchy vocal hooks... Having formed in early 2019, the band was born when bassist Will and guitarist/vocalist John joined creative forces to begin working on demos together. Drummer Amy soon joined the mix, followed by vocalist Emma... With the line up complete, the talented musicians wasted no time in getting to work - playing shows across London and defining their sound, as well as releasing very agreeable online covers/co

The Gulps (Indie/Rock) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery features Indie Rockers The Gulps! The London based quintet make a hugely exciting noise, having adapted their own refreshingly unique Indie twist on a nostalgic Rock and Roll sound. With members hailing from three corners of Europe and the Middle East, each of these talented musicians certainly brings something special to the overall mix... Having formed back in 2017, the group were quick to start playing shows - creating and defining their alluringly electric sound along the way. 2019 was a particularly special year in the bands musical journey so far with their debut EP 'In the Kings House' released in March 2019 - alongside live appearances at top festivals across

TG Lee and The Rago Band (Blues Rock) - Artist Discovery

It's with great pleasure that we present todays Artist Discovery, three piece TG Lee and The Rago Band. The Manchester (UK) based musicians harmoniously fuse together everything you want (and more!) when it comes to Blues Rock - with head boppy riffs, grooving rhythms, an anthemic, attitude driven lead vocal and of course, some melodiously tasty guitar solos... The group have been releasing music consistently since 2018, showcasing their skilful songwriting and high audio production values whilst demonstrating a strong and impressive performance all round - setting the standard for this satisfyingly catchy spin on a classic Blues Rock sound. The band latest exciting offering came with the re

Notes on a Conditional Form by The 1975 (Review)

‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ is the newest release from Manchester pop rock band The 1975 and is by far their most experimental and creative album to date. The lengthy 22 track album was written across headline tours in over 16 studios and had been delayed multiple times but after a few listens, you realise it was definitely worth waiting for. The 4 piece band have never been known to play it safe but Notes takes them to a new level of experimentation featuring an applaudable range of different genres, from folky twang with country influences on controversial track ‘Roadkill’ to ‘Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied’ a personal favourite influenced by gospel featuring a choir who accompany

Manalishi (Rock/Punk/Alternative) - Artist Discovery

The focus of todays Artist Discovery is firmly upon Manchester based three piece, Manalishi. By fusing together an attitude driven blend of Rock/Punk/Grunge - full of thick, raw sounding guitar tones mixed with an energetically charged rhythm section and powerful lead vocals - this up and coming band have devotedly crafted a strong and defining sound for themselves... Following the release of their debut single, 'Standard Paranoia', in the latter part of 2017, the up and coming musicians have been making waves across the UK music scene, spreading their high octane and contagiously unique sound. Since that first record, the band have gone on to release two more satisfyingly agreeable singles,

Post Rome (Alt Pop/Rock) - Artist Discovery

It's with great pleasure that we bring you todays Artist Discovery featuring Post Rome. The Sunderland (UK) based trio make a big noise - blending together an upbeat and energetic fusion of Alt Pop, Indie & Rock to create an electrifyingly memorable sound. Their latest offering to the world, the single 'Want To Believe', is out today! Having grown up as good friends, each with a strong love of music, Jasper Watson (bass & vocals), Ben Goodfellow (guitar & vocals) and Jamie Martin (drums) formed the band in UK school year 6 (around 10 years of age) and were quick to start learning the skills of the trade - crafting out a strong and distinctive sound for themselves along the way. The band hold

Matter Of Mind (Emo/Alt Rock) - Artist Discovery

The focus of todays Artist Discovery is firmly on Emo/Alternative outfit Matter Of Mind. Hailing from Manchester (UK), this energetic four piece have crafted a HUGE sound - riding a satisfyingly agreeable wave of energy and attitude, with massive sounding instrumentation and catchy vocal hooks. Their latest single, 'Poison Ivy', is out today - an incredibly strong, enjoyable listen from start to finish... For fans of My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, The Used & Silverstein Hailing from Stockport (Greater Manchester, UK), it seems this North West based quartet seem to have a very good ear for good music - having consistently released high quality, well written music since 2016. The g

Ghost Arcadia (Alt Rock) - Artist Discovery

It is with great pleasure that we present todays Artist Discovery, Alt Rock band Ghost Arcadia. The London based musicians harmoniously fuse together each of their strong songwriting abilities to create a distinguishable sound - comprised of huge sounding guitars, a thick wall of rhythm and contagiously addictive vocal hooks... Having originally started out as a duo, founding members Reuben Beau Davies (vocals) and Anthony Hollis (guitar/synth) originally connected over their shared background in theatre. This theatrical experience inspired the pair to hold high production values close to their heart, stating that they've carried a"keen eye for performance and production into everything Ghos

Screams From The Sun (Synth Pop/Rock) - Artist Discovery

The focus of todays Artist Discovery is firmly on Synth Pop/Rock duo, Screams From The Sun. The talented pair present a sea of strong instrumentation, dynamically pleasing structures and melodiously catchy vocal hooks to create their own unique and distinguishable sound! The London based musicians have been working tirelessly so far this year, with the early part of 2020 seeing a number of live performances from the band, as well as an exciting new single release... In addition to London venues such as The Camden Assembly and Nambucca, the band have already performed in venues all around the UK, from Brighton up to Sheffield. Having started out as a busking project, the duo - real names Fran

Ian Holmes (Pop) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery is all about singer songwriter Ian Holmes. This talented young musician possess strong songwriting, performance and production skills - harmoniously fusing powerful synth sounds, well structured dynamics and memorable vocal hooks to create a very distinct and agreeable sound packed full of commercial potential... Born in Durban, South Africa, the up and coming musician now resides in London, UK. 2020 has seen a very exciting new chapter for Ian - with the release of his single 'Around You', followed by his most recent single 'Goodbye Kiss' - which he dropped on 3rd May 2020. His impressive and distinguishable sound across both records could be described as a satisfyin

SUNFLOWER (Soul Pop Rock) - Artist Discovery

The focus of todays Artist Discovery is firmly fixed on Soul Pop Rock band SUNFLOWER. The group have crafted a fresh and distinguishable sound - impressively fusing together a variety of classic and alt rock styles with modern Indie/Pop twist. Having already started to make big waves across the Australian music scene, the future looks incredibly bright for this Brisbane based five piece. The world is their easel and they're more than ready to paint... Born in 2019, the band was formed by Kahlia Ferguson (vocals/keys/guitar) and Lawson Doyle (vocals/guitar) after meeting at Bluesfest 2019, as showcasing artists on the Delta Stage. The pair instantly hit it off, sparking up a strong and unique

PLÅSTIC (Indie Alt Rock) - Artist Discovery

The focus of todays Artist Discovery is on North London based three piece, PLÅSTIC. The group combine elements of Indie, Alt Rock and Pop Punk to create an energetically exciting, authentically raw and engaging sound... The band have been releasing music since 2018 - consistently and increasingly demonstrating their more than capable songwriting and instrumentalist abilities. They've also already played numerous notable venues across London, with their energetic and engaging live show. Their latest single, 'Bled', was released on May 1st 2020 and is part of a duo-single release - with part 2, 'Waterfall', due out around the end of May. With a certain raw energy, frontman Kristian Limpert sho

Inbox Interviews: JJ Bloom (Alt Pop)

For fans of Tom Misch, Hall & Oates and Charlie Puth It's with great pleasure that we bring you todays Inbox Interview featuring singer songwriter, JJ Bloom. Hailing from Co. Meath (Ireland), the talented musician - real name Conor Mc Quaid - creates a feel good Pop/Contemporary R&B sound, skilfully blending in elements of Funk, Soul and Classic R&B. Having already achieved some notably impressive things already in his music career, Conor has recently embarked on a new solo chapter in his life under the alias 'JJ Bloom'. We caught up with the man himself to find out more... In just one sentence, explain your sound… It’s pop music but with a bit of groove. So why the name JJ Bloom? I was maki

NO:IR (Modern Nu-Metal) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery is all about Modern Nu-Metal five piece, NO:IR. This electrifyingly exciting five pieced band, based in Bath (UK), champion a distinct and high octane energy - fusing together Rap and Nu-Metal to create a uniquely strong sound... The group formed back in 2019 and quickly started to make a name for themselves - performing at shows across the UK as well as dropping two impressively tasteful singles, 'HIVE' & 'Erase:me'. The arrival of 2020 saw a very exciting new chapter for NO:IR with the release of their single 'Vanity' - recorded, mixed and mastered by the talented Josh Gallop of Stage 2 Studios - on 1st May. The dynamically pleasing track gives a very tasteful glimp

The Fiddlers Elbow #SaveOurVenues

What a year it's been already. We began hosting our live events at The Fiddlers Elbow in London - kicking the year off with an awesome sold out headline show for Pop Punk four piece, DoubleA... Another show later and COVID-19 happened. This pandemic has, of course, caused the vast majority of industries many problems - with the music industry no exception... With it seeming incredibly unlikely music venues will reopen too soon and many independent venues who rely on packed out rooms to survive, the UK live music scene stands at huge risk. CEO of the Music Venue Trust, Mark Davyd, told NME in an interview that"around 80% of the circuit is currently predicted to close if we don’t act now". Qui

Stepping On Lego (Electronic Pop) - Artist Discovery

The spotlight for todays Artist Discovery is firmly on Electronic Pop artist, Stepping On Lego. The Irish songwriter and producer - real name Conor Waters - combines an array of magical sounding synths with acoustic piano/strings and a strong, melodious vocal performance to create an atmospherically rich and electrifying sound... Upon researching Conor, it quickly became clear that there are many strings to this up and coming artists bow. He caught the music bug early in life, having started learning the piano at the young age of 7. As a teenager, he also learnt to play the guitar/drums and began professional vocal coaching. Music has clearly always been a main fixture in the musicians life