Introducing Patrick Gosling (Indie Rock)

This South Shields singer songwriter jumps onto the music scene with the release of his first single at the beginning of 2020. Imogen Holland spoke to Patrick Gosling about the release of his latest single and what his influences are for his music... Patricks first single ‘Always Ready’ was a nod to his home towns motto, Always Ready, which is on the Coat of Arms for South Shields. One of his music inspirations is his hero, David Bowie: “In my music you probably wouldn’t hear it but I like people like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, The Beatles obviously.” He also takes inspiration from some modern bands such as The Folds and War on Drugs. Patrick’s latest single ‘Hollywood’ was released at

InAir (Alt Rock) - Artist Discovery

The spotlight for todays Artist Discovery is firmly on InAir - an impressive Alt Rock band hailing from Reading (UK). This three piece create a real sense of depth within their recorded tracks - combining tasty guitar riffs, atmospheric synths and melodious vocals to create an overall exhilarating experience as a listener... Their latest release, a vibrant EP titled 'Dreamful', was released in 2019 - with lead single duties falling to the second song, 'Chemicals'. Recorded/mixed/mastered by Simon Jackman, the 5 track long record offers an electrifying glimpse at this bands future - with guitarist Aaron Iley uses a range of rich sounding guitar tones whilst drummer Connor Shortt bassist Joe C

Rambos Ramblings: Mount Rushmore of Records! (EP 2)

What's good! I'm Rambo. I'm a musician, I drink too much coffee and occasionally write stuff. Every Sunday, I ramble on a little about what's been on my mind, here on Live A Little Louder Music... By now we’ve probably all seen the current 'Bill Clinton Swag' trend doing the rounds on the internet. Social media users post an edited picture of Bill Clinton holding their top four favourite albums. This is all done curtesy of www.billclintonswag.com. Here are my top four albums and the reasons why I chose them... Songs In The Key Of Life - Stevie Wonder I think I could sit here forever and not run out of words for how good this album is, and if you’re ever spoken to me in person you’ll know thi

Beth Duck (Electronic Pop) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery shines the spotlight on London based Electronic Pop singer, Beth Duck. Beth is no stranger to the music world, having previously featured on tracks such as 'Sick Of Love' and 'Calm Waters' by L.A based producer Lucian, as well as playing numerous live shows across the UK. Her latest single combines beefy, upbeat synth based instrumentation with relevant lyrics and catchy vocal hooks to create a solid Pop sound - oozing with energy and commercial potential... 'Nomophobia', was released on April 10th and acts as an exciting first glimpse at Beth's upcoming debut EP, ‘Looks Like I Have a Life’ - coming out on 21st August. The song, cowritten and produced by Berlin based

Just Drive (Indie Rock) - Artist Discovery

For Fans of The Killers, Kings Of Leon & Stereophonics Todays Artist Discovery is Indie Rock 4 piece, Just Drive. Influenced by the trend setting bands of the Noughties, this South Wales based band fuse elements of Alternative Rock, Indie and Pop to create their own uniquely recognisable sound - serving as a refreshingly new spin on your "typical" guitar based band... Formed in July 2017, the group were quick to start honing in on defining their sound and securing their place within the UK music scene by releasing well written, high quality original music and playing live shows across the UK. Their latest single, 'SFTW (Something for the Weekend)' was released on 6th March 2020. The track co

Inbox Interviews: Dave Giles (British-infused Americana)

Todays Inbox Interview is with Dave Giles - a British-infused Americana singer songwriter and professional session musician based in London, UK. He's just entered an exciting new chapter of his life with the recent announcement of plans to record an album at the legendary Abbey Road Studios - a lifelong goal for this avid fan of The Beatles. We caught up with the man himself to talk about who inspires him, what it's like to work full time in the music industry and, of course, to find out more about his upcoming Abbey Road project... It's fair to say that Dave has already had an impressive career so far since graduating from The Guitar Institute (London) - having played lead guitar in Indie R

Luckie (Singer Songwriter) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery is focused on singer songwriter Luckie. The London based artist showcases a range of vocal prowess and impressive songwriting abilities within his music to create a strong and powerful sound... His debut release, 'I Found God, She Was Out Of Her Mind', was released in March 2019 and offers a very satisfying serving of what this talented artist is capable of. The piano driven ballad combines well powerful instrumentation, heartfelt lyrics and a beautifully committed vocal performance to create an engaging and emotionally moving track, stashed full of commercial potential. The music video for the song features an incredibly talented cast and is well created, shot and ed

Livonia (Pop Punk) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery spotlight lands on London based Pop Punk band Livonia. This up and coming five piece serve a tasty platter of riffy instrumentation, groovy rhythms and catchy choruses - guaranteed get your head nodding along, whether you want it to or not! The group formed back in 2019 - starting hot out of the gate with the release of their debut single in October and by quickly carving out a name for themselves on the London live music scene... Although still a relatively new band, it's clear when listening to Livonia's debut release, 'Talking', that the group has a very promising future ahead within the the realms of UK Pop Punk and beyond. The well recorded/mixed track begins wi

Rambos Ramblings: What’s Old Is New Again (EP 1)

What's good! I'm Rambo. I'm a musician, I drink too much coffee and occasionally write stuff. Every Sunday, I ramble on a little about what's been on my mind, here on Live A Little Louder Music... I think it’s fair to say we’ve all got a bit more time than usual at the moment, so what better way to spend it than listening to music? I’ve revisited a few albums that I hadn't listened to in a while and it’s reignited some love for some killer albums from my younger years! An old album can bring back powerful memories, both good and bad. For me 'What You Don’t See' by The Story So Far takes me back to being 17 - I'd just finished college and was full of nervous energy about having to be a real a

Inbox Interviews: Tether (Post Hardcore)

Today's Inbox Interview puts the focus on Tether, a high-octane and high energy Post Hardcore band from London. The 5 piece have been quick to start releasing music & gigging across the UK since forming - working hard to establish themselves within the scene, earning them an impressive and growing following along the way. We dropped our list of questions into the inbox of vocalist Justin Jackson. Read on to see what he had to say on the band's beginnings, their future, their inspirations and more... Justin Jackson (Vocals), Kieran Harper (Guitar), Rob Parnell (Guitar/Vocals), Jack Haddon (Bass) and James Gallagher (Drums). So why the name Tether? The name Tether (which means to bound and res

JJ Bloom (Alt Pop) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery, Alt Pop singer songwriter JJ Bloom, combines elements of Pop, Funk, Soul and R&B to create a uniquely distinguishable sound full of commercial potential. Having recently released his debut single, the future looks very bright for this Irish born musician - real name Conor McQuaid. It is, however, fair to say that he's already had a quite a journey so far... Conor is no stranger to the music & entertainment industry, you see, having previously been in the impressive Irish production, Dúlamán. The show centred around four vocalists (featuring Conor) and a troupe of dancers performing both traditional and modern Irish songs. A truly magical experience. It saw great succ

Inbox Interviews - Fast Car To Florence (Frenetic Alt Rock)

For fans of Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, The 1975 Fast Car To Florence are a Frenetic Alt Rock two piece hailing from Nottingham, UK. The duo combine a blend of Alt Rock & Indie instrumentation with big, catchy sounding vocal hooks to create an overall unique and anthemic like sound. With their upcoming 'English Skin EP' out on May 8th 2020 (featuring the singles 'CRY' and 'English Skin' as well as an acoustic version of the latter), we caught up with the talented duo to find out more... The band consists of seasoned musicians Isaac Anderson on guitar/vocals and Chris Barber on drums. In just one sentence, explain Fast Car To Florence’s sound... Loud, passionate, energetic and full of

With High Regards (Pop Punk) - Artist Discovery

Today's Artist Discovery is Southend based trio With High Regards - a Pop Punk band who make a very big noise! The band grew up together in Essex, having originally forming under a different name, playing local shows and eventually releasing their first single as With High Regards in 2015. The high energy three piece is made up of Daryl Ramsey (vocals & bass), Tommy Hodgson (guitar) and George Axcell (drums). Their latest single 'Tranquility' was released in November 2019 and provides a riffy and hooky escape - perfect for that of the Warped Tour stage...oh if Warped was still a thing... The band have also recently released lyric & play through videos for their song, 'Outta Control', to cele

Inbox Interviews: Mid November (Pop/R&B)

Nottingham based singer songwriter Mid November provides an extremely welcome addition to the worlds of Pop, Soul & R&B music. Cutting his teeth on the UK's independent scene from a young age, his commitment to music and to God has given him the driving force to craft his own distinguishable sound and style. We caught up with the young artist, real name Michael Newcombe, to find out more... So why the name Mid November? Mid November represents a time in my life where I first started my journey as a solo artist. I had previously played in a band, and at the time of us splitting up I found it quite strange adapting back to ‘normal life’. Writing and singing has always been a way I love to expr

Matty Long and The Loveguns (Funk Rock) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery is Funk Rock 4 piece Matty Long and The Loveguns. The group combine funky guitar licks, captivating vocals and a groove-driven rhythmic section to create a distinguishable and defining sound. The London based 4 piece have become regulars to their home town music scene - having already gigged at venues such as O2 Academy Islington, 93 Feet East, Cafe 1001, The Fiddlers Elbow & London Stone to name a few... The band consists of Matty Long (vocals & guitar), Jack “Gommo” Gomm (bass & backing vocals), George Matthews (rhythm Guitar & backing vocals) and Rhod Jones (drums). We had the great pleasure of having the boys play at one of our live events in January 2020 at The F

The Tonalities (Alt Rock) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery is Alt Rock 5 piece The Tonalities. Formed in early 2019, the group immediately got to work playing live shows across North East England - carving out and defining their sound along the way. Their debut single, 'Chances', was released on 8th April 2020. This energetic sounding track reveals a clear indication of the potential these young artists hold... Vocalist Charlie Thomson combines well penned lyrics with a powerful and enticing lead vocal whilst Guitarists Brandon Stewart & Cameron Edwards mix a blend of Brit Rock-esk tones and Alt Rock riffs. All the while, Drummer Brandon Cummings & bassist Matty Vest provide a tight performance to form a strong rhythmic backb

Inbox Interviews: Malicious Inc. (Groove Metal/Nu Metal)

For fans of Slipknot, Lamb Of God & Machine Head Based in Bristol (UK), Groove/Nu Metal band Malicious Inc. are loud as hell - in all the right ways! Having recently released their energetic and well written debut EP ‘Red Flag’, through Sliptrick Records, we caught up with lead guitarist Morgan Weeds for todays Inbox Interview... Malicious Inc. consists of Kyle Mortiss (vocals), Morgan Weeds (lead guitar), Kyle ‘K-Z’ Zehtabi (rhythm guitar), Matthew Hulin (bass) & Luke Hill (drums/percussion). So why the name Malicious Inc.? The name ‘Malicious Inc.’ came about because vocalist Kyle Mortiss used to front a band called ‘Malicious Intent’. The idea behind this band was to bring back the elemen

Rosie Blofeld (Singer Songwriter) - Artist Discovery

Todays Artist Discovery is singer songwriter Rosie Blofeld. The Leeds based music artist is no stranger to the UK music scene - having spent the past decade working on various musical projects including her previous band FELKA. Having experimented with a variety of genres including Pop, Rock, Folk, Country & Electronic - Rosie has managed to craft a distinguishable and defining sound as she embarks on a solo adventure... "My head is bursting with colour that manifests in the form of poetry, songs, paintings, fashion and dance". Her debut EP, 'The Angelic Manoeuvre', was mastered by Andy Hawking (The Nave Studios) in June 2019. Having released 3 tracks so far, Rosie will be releasing the fin

Sidelines (Post Hardcore) - Artist Discovery

For fans of While She Sleeps, Being As An Ocean & Counterparts The spotlight for todays Artist Discovery is on Sidelines - an exciting band from South East London who have been making a very big noise in the UK Post Hardcore scene. The 5 piece provide a skilled and energetic sounding performance on their recordings - backed both by high quality production, artwork and video content. If you're looking for a blend tasty, 'ard sounding riffs mixed with a sea of ambient layers and well crafted lyrics - these are your boys. Taking influence from bands like Taking Back Sunday, Northlane, Being As An Ocean, My Chemical Romance and Counterparts - Sidelines give a heartfelt and passionate performance

Inbox Interviews: Vella (Alt Rock)

Four piece Alt Rock band Vella, armed with a bucket load of energy and passion, deliver a solid performance both on their recordings and when playing live. We caught with the Alt Rock, hailing from Wales (Cardiff & Blackwood to be precise), to find out more about their time so far as a band, what to expect from one of their shows and what's next for this exciting young group... So why the name Vella? So Chris started the band nearly 2 years ago, and during the period of writing the first few songs he was desperate to find a really cool name that doesn’t just sound like a generic modern day band. So we really like one word names … and just saying random stuff on the sofa one day he said Vella