We are looking for contributors to collaborate with in producing the content for our website. We are not focussing our search on looking for seasoned professionals but instead on finding talented aspiring professionals
Our aim is to provide regular content  for; musicians, professionals and music fans.
Videos, articles & podcasts with the view to entertain, inspire and educate. This content will be featured on our website and on our social media. Our website will always free for the users and no sign in is required to view. 
To do that, we need writers/photographers/editors/presenters/songwriters - the list goes on. In achieving this, we want to work with upcoming and aspiring professionals - the future generation of the music industry. 
We want to provide an increasingly more connected platform for our contributors to practice, learn and showcase their work. The opportunity to meet and learn from existing professionals. The chance to better their existing skills whilst learning new ones. The chance to create. 
It's not about what you have produced, it's about what you can produce. What matters to us is that you take a professional and committed approach to your work with us and to furthering your career. 
Our contributor roles, for now, are on a voluntary basis. As soon as we're making money to pay our contributors, we will. 
And so we're looking for aspiring... 
  • Writers
  • Journalists 
  • Photographers 
  • Videographers
  • Sound editors 
  • Video editors 
  • Presenters
  • Songwriters 
  • Runners
  • Voice over actors
  • Graphic designers 
  • Animators 
If you're interested in finding out more, please fill out the below form. If you do not yet have work to showcase please leave the relevant fields blank.