Below is a copy of our standard show agreement. This may vary from venue to venue, but will mostly stay the same. Please feel free to email us with any questions at


We do not believe in pay to play/ticket commitment deals. We do, however, believe that acts should be paid for the shows they play.

Ideally we’d love to pay a big fee to every artist who plays one of our shows.


That being said, it is obviously important for us as a business to not be at a loss so that we can carry on hosting live events – and so we are not able to pay all acts. Instead, we have created what we believe to be a fair deal to offer music artists. 

  • 0 – 15 tickets - £1.50 per ticket

  • 16 - 40 tickets - £2.00 per ticket

  • 41 – 70 tickets - £2.50 per ticket

  • 71 – 100 tickets - £3.00 per ticket

  • 101 - 200 tickets - £3.50 per ticket


Example: if you sell 15 tickets, you will receive £22.50. If you sell 16 tickets, you receive £24.50 (£2 for every ticket thereafter until 41 tickets). 

The more tickets you sell, the more money you'll make. You will be paid for every single ticket you sell. If you're not yet able to sell any tickets, you’ll be playing to potential fans that could come to see you and make you money next time.


  • A drum kit (shells, kick pedal, snare stand, cymbal stands, hi-hat clutch, stool) and bass amp are provided by the venue. Artists are responsible for providing guitar amps/heads/cabs and drum breakables (snare/cymbals - recommended kick pedal & clutch also).  Due to limited space/swift changeovers, these events usually run/sound better when the same backline is shared by all acts. 

  • We will always aim for every act to have a soundcheck - due to the nature of live events however this is not always a guarantee. Sound checks will run in the opposite order of the show line up - headline act first, opening band last. 

  • Changeovers ideally will be roughly 4 - 6 minutes long. We will assist you with changeovers, if you would like.


  • The act will promote the event on their social media/in any appropriate way at least 4 weeks in advance of the show (all acts will be added as admin to a Facebook event page - please use this event to invite any guests via Facebook)

  • All acts/performers are required to let us know their estimated arrival time (for load in) no less than 48 hours in advance of the event. This is crucial to ensure any equipment share/sound checks run smoothly. 

  • The act must make us aware of any non band members  (anybody accompanying them in the venue before doors, or backstage) no less than 48 hours before the event. 

  • Acts may request physical tickets to sell in advance (if applicable) - the act will hand back the full cost of those tickets (or any unsold!) to a Live A Little Louder representative before sound check. The act will not be charged for any unsold tickets

  • Any acts who have to cancel for any reason must make Live A Little Louder aware at least 2 weeks prior to the show date.


  • All band members will arrive on time for, and be present throughout, load in/sound checks (or contact us via mobile if any delays/issues occur)

  • All band members will be ready backstage 15 minutes prior to their changeover time.  

  • The act will not run over the agreed upon set time. 


  • No unauthorised people are allowed backstage. Any non band members accompanying in the venue before doors, or backstage at any time must have a wristband, as do each band member.

  • All dates and times are subject to change at the discretion of Live A Little Louder Music. 

  • Admission to the venue is strictly over 18. ID may be required for all attendees (including music acts) .

  • Under no circumstances is the music act or promoter allowed to bring alcohol into the building. 

  • Any food/take away should be eaten in the backstage room and rubbish must be disposed of in the provided bins. 

Venue/show rules must be followed at all times. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the act being asked to leave the venue.