We are a live event and online media company based in London and founded in 2019 by musicians and experienced industry professionals. 


We are passionate about music and are prepared to go above and beyond to support up and coming musical talent and aspiring industry professionals - we want to do our bit to better educate, assist and encourage future generations of the music industry.

Our aim is to create a fun, safe and collaborative online space for those in the industry, those who aspire to be in it or those who support it to connect and share resources. We aim to help equip our users with the experience and contacts to further their careers - no matter what their current experience, genre, size, budget or location. 


We eventually want to offer all the services that musicians and their associates could possibly need, whilst also supporting and promoting all other service providers. For us is it hugely important that we work together, rather than against each other, to make the music industry a safer, more connected and friendlier environment. Let's all help each other to be successful, right? 


As an important side note, we believe that it's vital to do what we can along the way to help raise awareness of mental health issues within the music industry - see our Happier Together page for more details.


We began hosting shows in London over summer 2019 and will be hosting monthly events throughout 2020 - showcasing up and coming music artists from all over the UK. Click here for more details. 


If you are in a musical act, or represent one, and would like to know more about getting involved in our live events, please click here

We'd love you to be a part of this - perhaps together we can help make the music industry a better place whilst having a lot of fun in the process.